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You can find an explanation of all these scores below. The type-token ratio TTR of Mare au diable is 0. The TTR is the most basic measure of lexical diversity. To calculate it, we divide the number of unique words by the number of words in the text. However, the TTR is a very crude measure, as it is extremely dependent on text length. The longer the text, the lower the TTR is usually going to be, since common words tend to often repeat. Especially since the number of words in this text is more than 1,, the TTR is not likely to give an accurate measure.

However, these measures are not as easily readable, and also there is a growing body of research asserting that CTTR and RTTR do not effectively address the problems of text length. The formula for calculating the ARI is as follows:. The ARI should compute a reading level approximately corresponding to the reader's grade level assuming the reader undertakes formal education. Thus, for example, a value of 1 is kindergarten level, while a value of 12 or 13 is the last year of school, and 14 is a sophomore at college. The current ARI of this text is 4 , making it understandable for 4-grade students at their expected level of education.

The CLI is computed with this formula:. It is notable that other indexes exist, such as the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease, Gunning-Fog Score, and others, but we have chosen not to include them, since, contrary to the ARI and CLI, such other indexes are based on a syllable count and therefore arguably only work for English and not French.

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We compute a further compound lexical diversity index , which should range from 1 to a with the standard deviation being around 10, and its average value being around 50 - it is 58 in the present case. The compound lexical diversity index consists of the following indexes, averaged out and also provided in the table above :.

The score should normally range from 1 to In this case, the score is We provide you a sample of the text below, however, the full text of the Mare au diable is also available free of charge on our website. This list excludes punctuation or single-letter words, also some different-case repeats of the same words.

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If you like this analysis, you should have a look at out our lists of French short stories and French books. Lauryn Hill tracks 2—5, 7—15, Wyclef Jean Haitian rapper, musician and actor tracks 2—5, 7— Shawn King track 2. Salaam Remi track 6.

Wyclef Jean Haitian rapper, musician and actor tracks 2—5, 7—11, 13— Warren Riker tracks 2—5, 7—11, 13— Courtney Small track Garfield "Gus" Parkinson track Akon track Thom Bell songwriter, producer track 3. William Hart of The Delfonics track 3. Lauryn Hill track 3. Wyclef Jean Haitian rapper, musician and actor track 3. Pras Michel track 3. Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

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Blue Mountain Music Ltd track Bob Marley Music Inc. EMI Songs Ltd track 3. Fox-Gimbel Productions Inc.

  1. Seven Deadly Sins.
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Interior Music Corp. Obverse Creation Music track 9. Platz Music Publishng track 8. PolyGram International Publishing, Inc.

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Rodali Music track 8. Tete San Ko Publishing, Inc.

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International Music Network track 3. Warner Chappell Music Publishing track 3. Anchor Recording Studios in Kingston , Jamaica track How Many Whores? Ready or Not by The Fugees track 3.

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Killing Me Softly by The Course track 8. Ready or Not club mix by The Course track 3. Boadicea by Enya track 3. Django by The Modern Jazz Quartet track 3. Dove by Cymande track 9. Fool Yourself by Little Feat track 8. Je vais t'aimer by Michel Sardou track 7. Memory Band by Rotary Connection track 8. My Melody by Eric B.

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Cjantait - Score Cjantait - Score
Cjantait - Score Cjantait - Score
Cjantait - Score Cjantait - Score
Cjantait - Score Cjantait - Score
Cjantait - Score Cjantait - Score
Cjantait - Score Cjantait - Score
Cjantait - Score Cjantait - Score
Cjantait - Score Cjantait - Score
Cjantait - Score

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