Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West)

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Annie Oakley

He did save two of them, however: His rifle, which can be viewed at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming, and this very gun. This old Remington revolver. I carried and used for many years in Indian Wars and Buffalo killing. And it never failed me. WF Cody Dec 13th The document was notarized on the verso on Jan.

A truly blockbuster achievement in its time, it took two years to complete and immediately achieved wide recognition. The first major exhibition of the work occurred in New York City, where it created a sensation. Oil portrait of Sitting Bull, painted from life by H.

Here is something with an important and personal connection to this legendary Western figure, the saddle on which he undoubtedly sat while he did what he loved best, and for which he is best remembered. Colt Revolver Found at the Little Bighorn Battle Site in A Most evocative relic, this model Colt Army revolver, made in late , was undoubtedly brought into the battle by an Indian combatant, as Custer's men were using a newer model.

It was found along the banks of the Little Bighorn at the site of the battle, buried in the ground with only the butt visible. The river was unusually high at the time of the battle, and it seems probable that the weapon was dropped into the water and lost. But at the time it was recovered, the river was lower, allowing it to be detected.

Biography: Annie Oakley for Kids

What is particularly interesting about this gun is the fact it is still loaded albeit with corroded and non-functional bullets. Army forces, and was one of the significant war chiefs of the Cheyenne at Little Bighorn. Although accounts are conflicting, some name him as the man who took Custer's life. Other accounts include him among the prominent Cheyenne who prevented the ritual mutilation of Custer's body after the battle.

The real significance of this hat for collectors is its rarity; very few Oakley garments are known to survive mostly in the Annie Oakley Center, Garst Museum, Greenville, Ohio and no other western hat. This is one of a kind. Previously unknown and unpublished Annie Oakley as The Western Girl, a Rare Cabinet Photo Signed and Inscribed on Verso: One of a series of exceptional photographs taken in or in New York, this picture of a lovely and relaxed Annie Oakley has never been published and is previously unknown.

The gold-plated and engraved presentation M Winchester in her hand is part of the collections of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Label this item "1st choice. You are a reporter for the Darke County Weekly Newspaper.

Annie Oakley Facts

Your boss wants you to interview Annie Oakley. This is your chance to get to the truth and clear up misunderstands and exaggerations about her fame. Since Annie Oakley has not been well, she will only talk with you if you give her your questions in advance.

Sharpshooter Extraordinaire Annie Oakley – A Real Wild West Woman

She will only take 5 questions. What 5 questions would you like to ask Annie Oakley? Your boss and the readers of the newspaper are waiting! Decide what 5 questions you should ask Annie Oakley. Write or word process and print your 5 questions. Print your name s on the back of the 5 questions paper.

Annie Oakley

Write your 3 rubric self-assessment scores on the the back of the paper, and give the completed 5 questions paper to the teacher. Here is a list of resources you'll find helpful as you complete the Timeline Activity. Annie Oakley Quick Facts. Annie Oakley by Kate Kenin.

The Truth About Annie Oakley. The Annie Oakley Foundation. Edison Fast Facts. Wright Brother Fast Facts. Watanya Cecila by Richard Hamilton. Annie Oakley -- Women in History. Ohio Historical Markers. Annie Oakley by a 3rd grader [Any exaggeration? She Shot Ashes [Any exaggeration? All answers are correct. All responses are accurate. Most answers are correct. Most responses are accurate.

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Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West) Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West)
Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West) Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West)
Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West) Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West)
Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West) Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West)
Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West) Annie Oakley (Legends of the Wild West)

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