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No matter how hard we try to get rid of it, it is soon back—the ultimate Sisyphean task. Dust settles in carpets and attics, circulates in laboratories and sticks to artworks. But it is also the stuff the universe is made of. Staub is a project on perception as contended between philosophy and anthropology. He has taught at prestigious universities; he became director of the Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie, Berlin, in La polvere ci sconfigge sempre; ci segue dovunque.

Prende possesso delle nostre cose, si diffonde nei laboratori, crea pianeti e galassie. Ci circonda, ci invade, noi la diffondiamo. Wherever we go, it has already beaten us; wherever we turn, it follows us. It takes ownership of our possessions, it penetrates laboratories, it creates planets and galaxies.

Using rare archive materials and interviews, the film retraces the battles Mathaai fought to attract attention to these issues in her country. Nessuna storia ci ha colpito, commosso e ispirato come la sua. Lei era dentro alla storia che raccontava — il sogno di ogni regista! It was not only what she had done but the way she had done it; it was also her presence and her skill as a storyteller. She was spellbinding, funny, delightful, expressive and full of life. Vedute di fabbriche abbandonate fanno da sfondo a una voce trasformata dalla malattia. Lo sapevano i sindacati.

Arrakis rappresenta il suo debutto come regista. Arrakis is a poetic documentary-tribute to the places and victims of industrial progress in Italy. Scenes of closed factories provide the backdrop to the personal story of Silvestro Capelli, former worker at the Breda Foundry, Sesto San Giovanni, who underwent a laryngectomy for a tumor caused by asbestos exposure. Like many others, he is fighting a social and legal battle with simple citizens on the one side and the institutions on the other. The unions knew, the management knew, the local health board knew: everyone knew except the workers.

Milan, Italy earned a degree in Media Sciences in He was a member of the 2 9 2 group and in charge of the Whereis event, an exhibition held in a closed factory on the outskirts of Milan, followed by M — Open Project, an interactive video installation about metropolises. Arrakis is his directorial debut film. Instead, the intent was to create, according to the criteria of a poetic style in documentary filmmaking, a tribute to the victims of progress and to the places that symbolize it. The film, which gives voice to forgotten people and places, was released free on the internet on 12 June through the collective action of 50 Italian blogs that allowed it to be viewed as a premier showing.

Marchers set out from Venaus in the Susa Valley and arrived in Rome, some km and 8 days later. On arrival in Rome, they delivered a cartload of appeals to the Italian Parliament. This is the story of a contagious utopia that originated from a mountain village and spread across the country, firing the hopes of citizens seeking a sense of community and participation.

Every day Senegalese fishermen set out in 15, pirogues to catch what is left over from this illegal competition, relying on knowledge of sea currents and amulet divination. But tragedy is imminent: expert estimates say that within a couple of decades there will be no more fish to catch. Cafi Mohamud graduated from the Scuola di Cinema, Milan, before working as assistant director on numerous films and as music video clip director. Luca Cusani ha realizzato per la televisione documentari a carattere sociale su temi come la vita in carcere o i legami tra sport e politica. Attualmente lavora a video educativi per varie NGO su le migrazioni e i problemi medici nelle aree di guerra.

Luca Cusani has made several TV documentaries about social topics including prison life and the ties between sports and politics. He is currently working on educational videos for NGOs on migration and medical problems in war zones. Lo stesso anno dirige il suo primo cortometraggio, Ascuntami e poi Pratica e Maestria che vincono vari premi nazionali. Unico filo conduttore poche domande: cosa rappresenta il fiume per le persone che abbiamo incontrato? Come lo vivevano una volta?

The film was commissioned by the Archives of Ethnography and Social History. She made her directorial debut with the awardwinning Ascuntami followed by Pratica e Maestria She has co-directed productions for RAI and Endemol. We wanted to portray places and events as closely as possible through their perspective either as a series of pictures or as a leg on a study trip. A partire dal ha diretto numerosi reportage e documentari per tv nazionali e riviste a carattere scientifico, ricevendo riconoscimenti internazionali. One of the most worrying effects of global warming is diminished biodiversity.

As the climate around them changes, flora and fauna are facing conditions increasingly different from those they adapted to in order to survive. Using spectacular images, this film examines a recent discovery: the northward migration within the northern hemisphere of animal and plant species in the search for a cooler climate through socalled biological corridors — areas sparsely populated by man which may provide refuge for the survival of all living beings.

Since he has directed numerous reportage and documentaries for TV and scientific journals that have earned him international acclaim.

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He currently teaches scientific photography and video filmmaking at the School of Zoology, University of Pavia. Ha prodotto e diretto i reportage Piani di fuga e Il paese del maiale , il film O Sistema e il documentario Cronache basche-Euskal kronikak , con Angelo Miotto. Matteo Scanni, Leonardo Brogioni, Angelo Miotto The original film title takes the last words of the refrain of the Italian national anthem. The film tells the story of Luca, Emerico, Angelo and Salvatore — four soldiers sent on peace mission to Iraq, Kosovo, and Bosnia — who later developed cancer from exposure to depleted uranium.

Their accounts interweave the drama of recovery from cancer, return to civilian life, and indifference by state institutions. A compelling enquiry into a disorder known as the Balkan syndrome which has aroused little concern despite the deaths of young soldiers and the cases reported so far.

He has produced and directed the reportage Piani di fuga and Il paese del maiale , the film O Sistema and the documentary Cronache basche-Euskal kronikak with Angelo Miotto. Four soldiers called to duty. Adored by his people, feared by the U. Nato a Salerno, Luca Bellino ha diretto i documentari I fuochi e la montagna , Mate y moneda , oltre numerosi lavori di videoarte in Argentina e Cile. Luca Bellino b.

Salerno has directed two documentaries I fuochi e la montagna and Mate y moneda , in addition to numerous video art projects in Argentina and Chile. Via Cantalupo, 11, Torino, Italy Ph. Il film si sviluppa attraverso i racconti e le testimonianze dei protagonisti, ripresi in primo piano, mentre guardano in macchina. Inoltre tre attori, due italiani e un senegalese, interpretano il ruolo di un operaio ucciso in cantiere.

Dying of Work enquires into the construction business in Italy, the workers, and the family members of the victims of work-related deaths. The narration unfolds with the stories and testimonies of these people, filmed in close-up as they drive their cars. In addition, three actors, two Italian and one Senegalese, play the role of a worker who dies on a building site.

Le sue opere sono spesso trasmesse dalle reti pubbliche, presentate alla Mostra del Cinema di Venezia e in vari festival. Ha ricevuto premi in festival nazionali e internazionali. Daniele Segre b. In he founded the I Cammelli production company and in the I Cammelli Scuola video di documentazione sociale, launching dozens of young directors in social audiovisual filmmaking.

His works, which are often seen on public TV networks and presented at the Venice Film Festival among others, have earned him numerous national and international awards. He teaches directing Cinema and reality at the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema, Rome, and was codirector of the Bellaria Film Festival over the period to Special Economic Zone e la trasformazione sociale forzata, da un sistema agropastorale a uno industriale. Testi di Arundhati Roy. The opposition of Singur farmers Bengal, western India against the forced expropriation of their land by the local government acting in the interest of multinationals like Tata Motors and Fiat Auto.

The battle story is told by farmers, artists, writers, economists, union leaders, and the men and women directly involved in the contestation. This film shows the flip side of the Indian economic boom: the creation of special economic zones and the transformation of India from an agropastural to an industrialized society. Texts by Arundhati Roy. Danilo Licciardello b. Since he has conducted video workshops in schools in Rome and collaborated with NGOs on making spots and videos for projects in western Africa.

The portrait of a country growing fatter as it devours itself in the uncertain prospect of future development. Life seen as clouds rolling by. Chiesa enlists the help of meteorologist Luca Mercalli and mathematicianmusician Iain McLarty in an unusual presentation that mixes animation and scientific enquiry to describe contemporary society in which job uncertainty, climate change, and energy crisis pose the greatest challenges.

Avevo letto una serie di dichiarazioni di vari artisti, poeti, scrittori che sono passati dalla Liguria. After years of rampant modernization and industrialization, efforts are under way to restore the landscape and to conserve its scenic beauty. Milan, Italy made his directorial debut with the short film Drimage , followed by the award-winning medium-length Paesaggio con figure and Giulia in ottobre I read impressions of various artists, poets, and writers who had passed through Liguria. Images of Naples and its outlying neighbourhoods of Pianura, Taverna del Re and Monteruscello tell a stark tale of an area on the brink of environmental disaster: mountains of trash, contaminated farmlands, illegal dumping sites, infiltration of dioxin and other poisonous toxins.

Ricky Farina earned a degree in philosophy before working as assistant director for Charlie Owens on Nikebe Con il piccolo budget di una produzione totalmente indipendente, siamo arrivati a Napoli, ci siamo lasciati guidare dal caso e dal nostro intuito. Working on a tiny indie budget, we followed our instincts. Proprio mentre sta per finire la sua giornata e pensa di tornare a casa dove lo aspettano moglie e figlio per festeggiare, il telefono squilla. Autodidatta nelle tecniche di animazione, produce nel 49, il suo primo cortometraggio.

La vicenda si sviluppa seguendo il leitmotiv dei missili, ma credo che queste contraddizioni possano riguardare la maggior parte della nostra esistenza.

A man works at a missile base. Suddenly the phone rings; not the office phone but the red one for secret communications. He taught himself animation while working as a product designer and computer graphics lecturer. Produced in , 49 is his first animation film. We also live in a complex society where happiness and anxiety are interwoven. The story is developed using missiles as the motif, but I believe that we can see this type of contradiction exists to a large degree in our own lives.

Gustavo is a farmer. To rid his fields of the caterpillars eating up his crops, he buys a special type of seeds from a slick salesman of an agricultural seed company. The new plants not only keep the bugs away but grow in different shapes and flavours and can only be harvested with the machines made by the company he bought the seeds from. Dopo aver frequentato la Fine Arts Cinema and Audiovisual, ha collaborato con diverse aziende del settore in diversi ruoli: compositing, animazione, grafica e produzione.

Christelle Soutif b. The picture and the stage setting adopt theatrical principles, and the narrative rises to a parabola. Ha tenuto, inoltre, numerosi corsi di disegno e animazione in Spagna e Germania. It only takes a drop of water to quench the thirst of a lonely flower growing on a parched hillside and to restore it with life and hope.

He has tought numerous courses in design and animation in Spain and Germany. I know it may be difficult Da dove vengo? Che cosa stiamo facendo alla terra? Un viaggio onirico e suggestivo accompagna lo spettatore dentro queste domande, lasciando aperte risposte e soluzioni. Con i suoi lavori tra i quali My Little Prince, The Dream of whale, Blackrainbow ha partecipato a numerosi festival internazionali di animazione. Who are we? What are we doing to the earth?

Without growth, the planet soon decays. So what is growth? How has truth been changed by pollution? How have noise pollution, soil and water contamination, and global warming changed our lives? A fantastic journey that explores these questions and leaves the answers and solutions open. Her works including My Little Prince, The Dream of Whale, Blackrainbow have been screened at numerous international animated film festivals. Penso che si possa riciclare qualsiasi cosa.

A chi importa la differenza tra crescita e degrado? I think anything that is dropped in the world can be recycled. So, I wanted to make a film about the environment with the rubbish we create. Indeed, how many people are concerned about the truth between growth and decay? Insatiable human greed can always become the force that destroys the human heart and nature. And the methods of material civilization must not become a means of menacing nature, animals and human worth.

Qui la giraffa vive emarginata, costretta a fare domanda di asilo, a mangiare cibo per cani. Nessuno le vuole dare un lavoro. All the fresh water in Djambali goes to filling Mr. Fed up with this situation, a giraffe protests and is promptly banned to Mirzapolis, a northern city inhabited by dogs. In Mirzapolis, the giraffe ekes out a marginal existence, has to request asylum and eat dog food. No one will employ him. He eventually gets a job with a landscaping company but finds his asylum request is rejected.

In this delicate metaphor, dramatic circumstances are handled with frank simplicity. Illustrator, graphic designer, and webdesigner, she has also worked as animator on Papillon Mamillon, a Belgian TV show for children. A Giraffe in the Rain is her first film. The contrast between the character and his surroundings is heightened by the rainy atmosphere of the city where he seeks refuge. Il resto del bosco ride. Man mano tutti gli alberi prendono fuoco, in tutta la regione, in tutto lo stato, in tutto il mondo.

Rimane solo una piccola foglia dispersa nello spazio. Che ride. He who Laughs Last… is a sarcastic grotesque on the law of the fittest. Three trees try to put each other in the shade; the smallest gets the least sunlight, and so the other two laugh. They, in turn, are cut down by two lumberjacks, and so the smallest tree laughs. Then it falls the first victim of a forest fire, and so the rest of the forest laughs. But the forest fire spreads, killing the trees in the area, the country, the world. Then the entire world goes up in flame, leaving a tiny leaf suspended in space.

The leaf laughs. Si laurea in regia di spettacoli di marionette e dal realizza cortometraggi, video musicali e serie TV. Miroslav Jovic b. Since he has made short films, music videos, and TV serials. A un certo punto incontra un orso che lo aiuta nel suo lavoro. Marina Rosset Three brothers live in the clearing of a distant forest. One day, the youngest is sent to gather firewood but is so afraid that he keeps his eyes shut. He then meets a bear who helps him. He meets the bear again but this time… This film is a fable about the man-animal relationship; simple in structure and technique, it carries a subtle yet bitter moral.

Un giorno viene a sapere che i cacciatori stanno per organizzare una battuta contro i suoi amici animali. In the middle of a forest an old forest ranger lives in peace with the other forest animals. One day a hunter arrives and the ranger stages a sham to trick him and save the animals with the help of the Animal Resque Squad. In he founded Animacijas Brigade, an indie company through which he produces animated films. When news arrives that hunters are going to have his friendsanimals hunted, the situation appears hopeless. Gray, inhospitable, dehumanized, yet the world constitutes a unique resource entrusted to our hands: the processes of rampant modernization that have turned our cities into traffic nightmares can still be reversed.

Papiroflexia explains how by drawing inspiration from poetic, dream-like images in a hymn to nature and simplicity. I due sono quindi completamente isolati. A man and his son live atop a pinnacle, once connected to the rest of the world but now destroyed. Completely isolated from society, the father wants to protect his son against outside influence. The author gives us an exquisite metaphor on life. Le Pont, his second film, was made using a more traditional technique.

It became clear early on that puppet animation was the best choice for making my second film. Besides the aesthetic element, many of its aspects were very interesting for the settings I was looking for. I wanted to present a world where man is made from humble, fragile and tangible materials. By representing the human world in its materialistic form, I strengthen its psychological dimension. Riflessione sul difficile rapporto tra natura e uomo, realizzata dal giovane regista Mike Please, per la sua tesi di laurea, basandosi su un utilizzo innovativo della tecnica della stop motion.

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Mike Please The long climb to reach a mountain peak, made even more arduous by relentless snowfall. Once at the top, you realize the reward was worth the effort: a breathtaking view of the valley below. But not for long. Civilization will soon grab hold of the last remaining uncontaminated place. In this reflection on the difficult relationship between man and nature, Mike Please, a young director used an innovative stop motion technique for his final year film.

He currently works for Picasso Pictures, an animation film production company. Pisani,12 Milano, Italy Ph. Gianturco, 4 Roma, Italy Ph. Ha esordito alla regia con il reportage per la tv Tapage dans la basse cour Two years in production, shooting locations in 16 countries, different animal species filmed: the bare statistics of Animals in Love, the first documentary film about seduction animal style: techniques, courtship rituals, curiosities from the animal kingdom.

From lions in the savannah, to flamingos, to kangaroos, to bugs. A documentary sui generis that offers an unusual peek into how the birds and the bees really do it. His directorial debut was the TV reportage Tapage dans la basse cour Animals in Love is his first feature film. This movie brings back man to Nature. A nature to which he belongs along other species.

Con Sarah Robertson, sua moglie, ha fondato la Arctic Bear Productions che, dal , si occupa di documentare la vita tra i ghiacci polari, collaborando con importanti emittenti televisive quali National Geographic TV e PBS. Arctic Tale rappresenta il loro esordio sul grande schermo. Arctic Tale is his first feature documentary. Degradation and decline in Campania as told by local residents unable to stop an imminent environmental and economic disaster.

Behind the scenes is the camorra, which has shifted its network of business interests to waste management. Roccadaspide, Salerno directed two short films Ecce Nanni and Pesci Combattenti ; he collaborated on the collective film Checosamanca Though it may seem surreal, the truth is that only six degrees separate our planet from catastrophic climate changes. Proof comes from the Jakobshavn glacier, one of the largest in Greenland: every day it retreats 40 meters, melting at a rate twice that of just a decade ago.

DIRECTOR With the help of spectacular footage shot around the world and detailed digital reconstructions that can reproduce the risks lying ahead, Bowman accurately portrays one of the worst threats facing us today: global warming. His solitude ends when he meets Avoria, the elephant queen, who has recently given birth to two calves with braided tails. Mysteriously widowed, Avoria is courted by dapper Zanco. By a series of misfortunes she is separated from her young. Leo steps in to take care of them: thus begins his search for legendary Milk Lake, during which he experiences all sorts of incredible adventures.

This fable with a happy ending handles the themes of diversity and racism with engaging originality. Different races, inner solitude, social marginalization, thirst for power, and a pair of hungry baby elephants to feed may not seem like topics fit for children […] but the film is actually about the search for a legendary place Milk Lake and the search for love that precludes all prejudices […]. I miei nonni mi lasciavano vagabondare per i boschi, dove un giorno incontrai una volpe.

Mi avvicinai e mi misi a osservarla […]. A chance meeting in the pristine forests of Ain, a quick exchange of glances, a kindling of mutual interest that will go far beyond simple curiosity — thus begins the friendship between a little girl and a fox. In turn, the fox helps the girl find her way out of the forest by night. Their friendship ends when the girl brings the fox into her world, where the fox cannot live confined by civilization and so flees back to the forest. Bourg-en-Bresse, France earned a degree in Ethology at the University of Lyons before working as cameraman on the documentary Der Kongress der Pinguine , filmed in the Antarctic, then as director on Une plage et trop de manchots His more recent works include Des manchots et des hommes , Sous le signe du serpent , and La marcia dei pinguini , which won the Oscar for Best Documentary.

My grandparents let me roam the woods, where one day I saw a fox. I got closer to watch it […]. When it noticed me, it looked me straight in the eye for seconds and then ran away. School kids are increasingly interested in videos as a means of expressing and exploring various realities so the project also includes tutoring at the high schools of Provincia di Torino consisting of theory and practice in the development and production of audiovisuals.

A total of 47 videos were entered at the three editions, involving over students who studied issues such as pollution, waste management, improving local land, large-scale works, climate change, etc. The Valle di Susa, the portal of the Olympic adventure, has to deal with the risks of dioxin and PCB pointed out by environmentalists and citizen committees. Ma cosa sono le diossine? The Lakes of Avigliana have been severely polluted over the years. Today, thanks to the work of the local government and the Park, things have changed immensely.

But the major risk remains: human behavior. The Sacra di San Michele [St. A journey through the history of the Abbey and its relationship to Nature. I In Rivoli a mechanical lift is being built to connect the city center to the Castle in the high town. E le speranze per il futuro di tutti noi. Bakari, a CFI student in Bamako Mali , describes the macroscopic environmental problems of his city…and the hopes for the future of us all.

Dunque i cambiamenti climatici esistono davvero? Che cosa possiamo fare per limitarli? The winter of was the warmest of the past years. So does climate change really exist? And what can we do to curtail it? Una vera e propria strage silenziosa. In Italia ogni anno muoiono circa lavoratori e almeno rimangono invalidi.

Taken together, these factors appear to have made the workplace less safe, and paradoxically so because advanced technologies and specific laws ensuring higher safety standards are in place. There is gathering consensus that preventive interventions and safety measures need to be supported by safety campaigns targeting not only management and workers but society at large. This section examines the working world, work-related accidents and the close links between work, human rights and the environment in Italy and abroad. Immigrants are twice as often the victim of unsafe conditions as Italians.

It appears that on the night of the fire the extinguishers were empty and the alarm telephone was out of order. Soon after that, five others lost their lives in an accident in Molfetta while cleaning out a sulfur transport tank truck, and six laborers died from accidentally inhaling toxic gases in a tank in Mineo, near Catania.

Yet, despite the Turin accident, which shook public opinion and garnered promises to improve work safety, little has been done. On average, three work-related deaths occur every day in Italy. Many factories are also laying people off, as told in the German documentary Losers and Winners. In fact, the ThyssenKrupp plant in Turin was being phased out when the accident occurred. The first move by management is to cut wages and start sending out dismissal letters. Then, workers rights are suspended or curtailed. Working conditions decay, production declines, and incoming supplies of raw materials dwindle.

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Il restante tempo lo trascorrono in camerate affollatissime dove mangiano e dormono. Non esistono norme sulla salute o sulla sicurezza e tanto meno diritti sindacali e le paghe sono circa di un dollaro al giorno. Off work, they eat and sleep in crowded dormitories. They have no laws to protect their health or safety and no labor unions to defend their rights.

In return for their labor, they receive about a dollar a day. Chan Ka Wai is describing China, but his description applies to similar situations throughout the developing countries where the poor, including children, continue to die for the privileged classes and wealthier countries. Ha diretto, oltre a numerosi spot e video sperimentali, i cortometraggi Workinprogress , Sangue del mio sangue e Ci sono The film is a photograph of a complex, variegated reality little known outside Puglia.

Eyewitness testimonies describe a local situation similar to many, many others around Italy. He worked as art director in web advertising and print media until , when he moved into filmmaking. Besides making commercials and experimental videos, he directed the shorts Workinprogress , Sangue del mio sangue and Ci sono Collecting evidence from various sources, we were able to reconstruct the real portent of the circumstances. Oltre a numerosi spot pubblicitari, ha diretto cortometraggi molto apprezzati dalla critica quali Little Fish e Cade la pioggia ; mentre ha esordito nel lungometraggio con The House is Burning A visual essay on man and work.

NYSTV - Hierarchy of the Fallen Angelic Empire w Ali Siadatan - Multi Language

From South African mines to Polish shipyards to Moroccan dye-works, glimpses of people at work in a kaleidoscope of faces, hands, and movement. No dialogue; simply images and music; an effective use of rallenty: an engaging reportage and tribute to man and work. Besides numerous commercials he has directed critically acclaimed short films, including Little Fish and Rain is Falling ; The House is Burning was his first feature film.

Orange, New Jersey, the s. The tragic story of a group of young women poisoned by the radium they painted on clock dials at the factory where they worked. Mismanagement is often connected with the trend of over-simplifying problems ; not considering possible alternatives and assuming that compromise in necessarily negative. Healthy competition provides motivation but this is not the case if a leader is constantly managing the firm against something or someone looking for destruction rather than construction. When an organization breaks up into factions, you are missing the big picture: instead always act professionaly local but feel global: give the best highly specialized contribute to your company, but never miss the big picture.

Here a test to perform in order to avoid mismanagement practice and discover its early symptoms:. In the coming weeks there will be more interesting contents and full coverage during the event days. We also would like to give a special thanks to the organization for making this possible. Introduced in and forming the basis of the annual WIBC Performance Awards is the WIBC Leaderboard: a first-of-its-kind comprehensive assessment tool aimed at helping the Islamic finance industry to critically appraise the challenges and growth opportunities that lie ahead.

The WIBC Leaderboard ranks Islamic banks as compared to their key competitors at the global and regional levels, based on various robust financial and governance metrics. In addition to the individual metrics, banks will be ranked on the basis of an aggregate score, which forms the apex of the WIBC Leaderboard. This aggregate index holistically ranks entities on the basis of the aforementioned financial and governance measures.

The innovative 25 th edition will also see an Award for the Fastest Growing Bank in terms of asset growth to recognize an Islamic financial institution that has expanded rapidly over the last year. To find out more about the 25 th World Islamic Banking Conference , visit: www. For 25 years, our exclusive focus on achieving business results for the Islamic finance industry has enabled us to create significant value for the leading players in the Islamic banking, finance and investment markets.

Visit us at www. Per raggiungere il Palazzo delle Esposizioni. The same happens for some interesting Muslim startups reported troubles in tapping capital sources from investors that can fully understand Shariah rules and appropriately value their markets. Entrepreneurship therefore can represent a way to overcome problems and favourite integration, and forums, angel investors, mainstream VC and equity-based financing can probably in this case boost this process much better than other traditional financing channels. And this is important, because entrepreneurship is inherently a growth, transcultural and transborder factor for society, because for its nature believes in value creation, communication with an always larger base of consumers, growth through partnership etc etc.

What we do with this stories? We learn from failure, is the most common answer. There is a cultural gap to overcome. For a community or an ethnic startup, the typical additional questions are:. However, not always this way to think is correct as well as not necessarily an ethnic startup represents a riskier activity. For the same reasons, serving a market niche is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if that niche gives the access attractive, uncontested blue ocean and the proposed idea is really innovative.

Tell always your story, then!!! And, most of all, the difficulties you experienced. Every entrepreneur should get the same chances of presenting their idea and of being objectively evaluated for the value of their plans. To make this chance of integration trough entrepreneurship something more than a dream, such a kind of startups certainly need more than others:. You simply cannot wait for customer request.

They will be:. Having a product specification the sooner, the better in the early stage of firm development will help you to:. Yes because, through the specification, you can start a continuous process of improvement and optimization, getting precise and punctual feedback by partners and customers. So, I began to think about what might be the elements of the best, most powerful investor pitch.

I spoke with a selection of Angel Investors to learn what they look for in an investor pitch, and what causes them to want to look more deeply into a potential investment. The following elements are those that were mentioned by all of the investors I spoke to, and so I feel are the elements that not only attract stakeholders, but represent the most powerful investor pitches.

Value Proposition. This is a term in business parlance that most everyone talks about like they know what they are talking about, but generally get wrong. A simple, clear definition, and the way it should be discussed in an investor pitch, goes like this. Every problem is an opportunity for a creative solution. So first, describe what the problem the opportunity is.

Now, all opportunities have a current solution. So next, tell your audience what the current solution is. Follow this up with what you need to execute. Management Team. So, sell the management team as full-time, committed and passionate people who intend to make this business happen. Investors are attracted to large, primary markets, although niche markets can be interesting because they often represent an underserved audience. Because market share is a zero-sum game, when a new company enters a market and begins to get sales, it is accumulating share, and that share is coming at the expense of another competitor.

And, that all you need: time — time to accumulate strength so that you can more effectively respond when he does come after you. Frankly, financials are much less important than most people think. However, they do have to be addressed. That tells investors that the financial projections have been thought about and might be more than a simple guess. Software, for example, can be protected by trade secret. Finally, enthusiasm is infectious. So, include these five things in your investor pitch and exude passion and enthusiasm, and you will have a much more powerful investor pitch than any I listened to at the competitions I attended.

William Rossi is Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida, having taught at both in the undergraduate and graduate Entrepreneurship Program there for 15 years. Prior to teaching, Professor Rossi initially held several senior level positions with Ford, Goodrich and Picker International. After relocating to Florida in , Rossi worked in executive management positions in smaller entrepreneurial companies and was a principal in several.

Rossi holds a Master of Science degree in Operations Research from the University of Massachusetts and an undergraduate degree in mechanical and industrial engineering from Ohio University. Worked previously in several non profit organizations but also interned in many businesses. ISO , quality, QSM quality management, certification… Many terms and concepts that have been talked about for the last 10 years and many new entrepreneurs, managers, business students and public get mixed between these concepts and others and find it hard to understand exactly what is about!

In this article we will explain in very simple words what quality is about and what are the most important concepts that we have to know about as students, consumers, entrepreneurs, present or future managers. In other very simple words, quality is the degree of which the organization presents the object product, service, process, system… the way it was exactly demanded by the customer. The concept of quality is dedicated towards the customer and not for the businesses or for the marketing as lot of people think.

And of course the quality issue depends on what I want as a customer, how I want it, when and using which tools. Understanding the real meaning of quality assurance and writing down accurate product specifications, may represent the key to success for many firms. A quality management system QMS on the other hand is a set of policies, requirements, standards, rules needed to accomplish the execution, production through a particular process in the company. We hear often that the organization X or the Process Y is certified ISO , and we often do not understand what it means or how it can help us as customers.

So when we say tha t X or Y are certified means that they follow the requirements of a standard ISO for eg. In very simple words, it means that the organization respects the rules of ISO in making a certain product, service or system. ISO : is related to quality management ISO means that the business have respected the quality required by the customer from the very first stages of concepts to the very last steps of production and beyond. ISO means that quality was respected from the production till the after sales services….

How can ISO helps my business as an entrepreneur? Being certified as ISO family does help the organizations in many ways:. The quality of a management team is the single most key determinant of business success. Following are some tips to assessing, restructuring and powering up your business team. First, of the things that most attract investors to a company, a quality management team is nearly always quoted as the most key element. It trumps product and market in almost every survey.

The reason: a great team can take a mediocre product and make it successful, while a mediocre team can fail with a great product. A survey conducted by Profit Dynamics among professional investors evidences this notion.

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When asked in this survey what factors most influenced the decision to invest, management quality ranked 1 among all responses. Others like market size and proprietary technology were seen as important, but paled in significance to management quality. When asked the reasons that most drove the decision to decline investment, again lack of an experienced management team ranked 1 by a wide margin in the response of these investors. So, what constitutes a quality management team? The response of these professional investors was overwhelming: it means experience, track record.

A flexible management team, one that recognizes its shortcomings and is willing to recruit the right team members, was quoted a close second. The first step in upgrading a management team is to assess both your current talents and your needs. This has to be an honest assessment. Remember, investors want to know either that you have the requisite experience, or that you know that you need it and are flexible to get it. An advisory board is not a legal entity, and has no fiduciary or financial responsibility. It simply operates at the discretion of the company to advise the company in its areas of expertise.

This a critically important, collateral element of the management team, and can provide powerful leverage in both operating and financing capacities. Populated with people of recognized experience, your board brings instant credibility to the company. Finally, once you have an advisory board, use it.

Have regular meetings and listen to your advisors. In conclusion, the quality of the management team is critical for both company direction and financing. Experience counts the most, but willingness to recruit the right team is a close second. An advisory board can be a powerful addition to any business team if populated and used intelligently. Vai al contenuto. In evidenza.

But it this task that simple? Clearly not. Mandela Tutte le imprese hanno bisogno di strategia. Il volume si propone di offrire un utile e specifico approfondimento sul marketing e la strategia di impresa in questo particolare settore Marketing is one of the pillars on which base modern sport, if we want to produce business in the world of sport.

Per richiedere il libro: info keirion. Giuseppe Chielli direfarescrivere, anno XV, n. E, come nella migliore delle tradizioni che speriamo di portare avanti negli anni a venire , per un Salone che finisce arriva la nostra testimonianza sulla manifestazione, che ci ha visti come ospiti e protagonisti. Maria Chiara Paone direfarescrivere, anno XV, n. Gli autori di LICOSIA sono poi disponibili ad organizzare: -incontri o cicli di incontri in aula sui temi sopra esposti, aventi un carattere informativo, divulgativo o seminariale. But where inscape ends? Where instead landscape begins?

In other words finance that generates other finance So much for factor nr. That would help you to reaffirm your identity and competitive advantage, and your public understanding clearly what makes you special and different; — Take time for your conclusions : try to give at least try key takeaways to your public, possibly as memorable as your vision. What need is there for other concepts? What about the effort, this is what would be nowadays of even greater help and socio-cultural value, that some great companies of the past did to provide education, cultural preparation and argumentative skills to the communities with which they interacted?

This is probably the perfect recipe for a disaster. They protect an history and the reputation of their brand and therefore their value , where these categories represent nothing special for startups, because they are just focused on future, They have too much to lose and their response time is long. Could this lead to a system cahacterised by too many financial distortions and inequalities?

Moreover, risk need definitely to be shared, not entirely delegated. Maria Chiara Paone www. Sabato 11 maggio dalle Che cosa le accomuna e cosa le divide. Come si rapportano ai linguaggi di ogni giorno? Il personaggio capace di rispondere affermativamente a tale quesito si chiama Massimiliano Bellavista, ingegnere e docente di Management strategico, nato a Siena nel Ricordiamo dunque, tra i pregevoli testi in materia di organizzazione aziendale, Le reti di impresa FrancoAngeli, scritto assieme a Lorenzo Zanni e, tra quelli dedicati alle strategie di start up imprenditoriale, the naked pitcher Licosia, Guglielmo Colombero.

Entrepreneurship too has definitely something to do with light. Alcuni degli autori che saranno presenti al FringeBook:. There are so many obstacles between a normal and an outstanding listening skill. Therefore is so important and can make the difference for your startup project Skilled listening, is a way of generating and testing new business ideas: it means in facts being able to pay attention to phenomena, eliminating background noise, and get the essential feedbacks from stakeholders, summarizing the content of their word.

Thanks again!!!!!!!!! Is there enough beauty in your firm? In such a case innovation is about: — benchmarking: mostly an internal matter. In facts, buliding a new cathedral can be challenging, being disruptive can be fashionable and sound positively ambitious too, but at the other side its a very complex process, rather than a discrete event, and generally implies a sophisticated and risky process And so what? There are anyway some typical warnings to be taken into account: — Is your firm sensitive to incremental innovation? Exactly like it happens for many ethnic, migrant or community startups.

Still looking for articles and contributions. Thanks to everybody, keep following us!!! To hear their voice, to answer their questions, makes more difficult mismanagement and unrealistic or just selfish behaviour to take place. Keep also in mind that the above mentioned standards are based on a widespread concept of sustainability: it means getting used to evaluate managers not just for their immediate results, but also based on how sustainable those results are; Training : training means empowering people; it means also knowledge sharing: being most of the companies nowadays based on knowledge, having in place an advanced training program is certainly a powerful message.

It means that your company is creating the preconditions for reducing information asymmetry between different organizational levels, and, most important, the preconditions for supporting change through the creation of a new internal generation of managers. That equals to slowly insulating managers in an ivory tower. Sometimes even irreplaceable. But suppliers are firm too, and exactly like clusters and networks of firms can suffer the effects of mismanagement resulting in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome that discourages critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints.

So from time to time, experiencing and testing new approaches, experimenting new partners starting from non-critical processes can provide to the management an healthy internal benchmark. In fact, not always relying on the usual solutions is a good antidote to mismanagement too. Organizational climate : Yes, is very important to enjoy a positive organizational climate.

Everybody knows that. But a two things should be stressed more than others: a The importance of a mistake. Mismanagement is a real plague of entrepreneurship, Mismanagement can be seen as a degeneration of leadership, when leaders stop producing added value for their firms and literally feed on their own organizations, sometimes causing its death. Here a test to perform in order to avoid mismanagement practice and discover its early symptoms: Is internal training efficient?

There are enough investments on this process? And in measuring effectiveness of delivered training? Management invest and improves internal communication? How long it takes for bottom-up communication? What happens next to projects? Is the time to market of relevant ones in line with the past? Is turnover trend under control in your company? Is this time proportional to the importance of a certain decision? Is your organization feeling comfortable with the concept of recognizing a mistake? An STO is a token offering that is similar to an ICO but its main difference is that STOs are regulated, because whereas ICO tokens are sold just on the promise of future utility, security tokens are instead bought for the explicit purpose of making a return on investment.

And here is the new magic spell: tokenization of venture capital. It seems fantastic: in the end tokenization of VC portfolios happens on the blockchain, which offers some additional layer of security, investors can be safer and much more because you are going to invest on tokenized VC portfolio, which means security of investment through diversification, traceability of investments through the blockchain. And on this way, somebody says, we can solve the problems VC are facing: the way-out on their investments, and most of all, the lack of liquidity due to the relatively small percentage of their financed startups having a consistent market success.

Yes, fine, but in future we also would like to have real companies and not with zombies just kept alive with the help of finance. If you look at pitching material of such tokenization platforms, their mantra is always the same: distributing risk, making the VC job looking like another widespread investment product. Not much. Again, the impression is that we are dealing with finance generating other finance.

And good luck to all startuppers having, in addition to their heavy tasks, to navigate between such two hazards, being therefore between a rock and a hard place. Thanks for the very high quality of your presentations and for your effort. They should represent an inspiring and memorable ideal try to reading it to your audience while you are testing your presentation: now move to the next slide and try to ask if they remember it. And you may soon realize that a described segment is very often made of slightly different sub-categories…;. Especially when business model is sketchy it may happen one of the following things: 1.

The role of a supplier is underestimated: is not simple to replace, the quality of your stuff is literally depending on it…maybe we are talking about a partner? Sure that what you are indicating as a partner is not instead the real customer of your service? If it controls the necessary facilities, the business relationship and maybe some distribution channel…maybe you should change your mind…;.

That would help you to reaffirm your identity and competitive advantage, and your public understanding clearly what makes you special and different;. I know, easier if you are planning to sell a software, less feasible if your goal is opening a restaurant…but anyway always try to assess the feasibility of this point….

Mainly they consist in a collection of generic and sometimes chaotic indications in order to grasp the new role that brands should play facing the challenges of changes, sometimes defined as catastrophic, imposed by globalization. The standard topic is that companies, of every order and size, cannot avoid confronting themselves with international diplomacy and that they must take a sort of diplomatic standing in the social, environmental, and even political fields. In short, corporate diplomacy is exalted as a sort of cure-all for the social and environmental issues of the world, a breath of fresh air able to revitalize the archaic and inefficient diplomacy of the national states.

It looks like corporate diplomacy is no more that some intriguing words, highlighting their uncertain conceptual consistency. On the other hand, there is a slight taste of ethical relativism that blows through the pages dedicated to corporate diplomacy. Hopefully, companies would need just the opposite, f. We all know right now. Entrepreneurship is a mission where the only real mitigating effect is applying a consistent strategy. The drawbacks of working at any startup projects, are mainly related to short term risks. The startupper is there to explore, to fail if necessary, whereas large corporate fear risk: they are there, ready to jump on the bandwagon if things are going to work.

Large corporates have a huge infrastructure, and an extreme complicated organizational profile. They protect an history and the reputation of their brand and therefore their value , where these categories represent nothing special for startups, because they are just focused on future,. They have too much to lose and their response time is long. Moreover, we may say that they can play a much more important role in assisting the second and third phase of development of a successful company.

Once something has been proven out in fact they can acquire one of these companies offering investments, creating a new powerful business unit into their structure, providing know how, huge chances of economies of scale and scope and so on. But at the other side large companies are constantly taking less risk, keeping cash on hands. That quantity of cash is unparalleled in history. As well as the incredible number of startups created in recent years.

Are the two things connected? Somehow, it seems so. But still, that strange impression is there. It looks like some of these large companies behave as senior citizens, that need to safely invest their savings, progressively losing touch with adopting some aggressive strategy. That means, slowing rhythms believing less in growth and more in status quo, and mitigating risks. At the other side, somebody say they just keep cash to be ready to fight with competitors in order to grab on the market the best startups, behaving towards them as football teams do when they bid for some new promising players.

From the other side, the risk is overestimating startups value already extremely difficult to evaluate and over-allocating financial resources in order to acquire them. In other words, large companies should take their risks too, if not directly on business at least in investing much more on global training, cultural development and welfare of young generations and in business infrastructures. In the end taking some risk is a mission for them too. Entrepreneurship without risks has no reason to exist.

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Sharing risks between small and large companies and between generations is extremely important for a real sustainable growth. La nostra vita ha un sapore? Tu invece devi scintillare bene in vista, come la granella sulle brioches. Presenti anche i rapporti familiari, mai modello edificante della famiglia descritta da un certo Mulino, ma che svolgono ruoli ben definiti nella vita dei personaggi, sia come involontaria fonte di morale e insegnamento, in Apodidraskinda , sia, purtroppo, come fonte di disagio ulteriore, come avviene alla protagonista di Tre volte al giorno. Per quella su Bellavista cfr.

Se volete scoprire quanto abbiamo ragione non vi resta che seguirci a Torino e verificarlo di persona! Un grazie ai ragazzi del Liceo che hanno reso possibile la cosa con le loro parole e la loro musica! Il 6 Aprile alle Spettacolo per Poesia, Canzoni e Musica. Si subisce. Decisamente obeso e ormai prossimo ai settanta, era inguainato in un elegante gessato di sartoria.

E non poteva essere altrimenti per un uomo che passava abbondantemente i centocinquanta chili per quasi due metri di statura e a occhio e croce calzava il cinquanta. Basso e magrissimo, parlava con voce sommessa e ricordava un uccellino spelacchiato e senza nido. I primi due delitti che M. E a pochi metri, un corpo scomposto, attorno al quale brulicavano uomini. Il dito era bianco, lucente, enorme eppure sembrava che lui fosse il solo a vederlo, le altre persone nella piazza continuavano a ridere e scherzare come se niente fosse, a cominciare dal suo bersaglio.

Il dito non proiettava alcuna ombra sul terreno. Un solo foro trapassava la fronte. I capelli le coprivano il volto, quasi completamente, come una grottesca maschera barbuta. Le sensazioni che provenivano dai nervi facciali recisi, dal buco che aveva in faccia, erano ben oltre il dolore. In definitiva, per esprimere la frustrazione del commissario M. Come isole tidali. La marea cresceva, M. Questa prima raccolta gli consente di vincere alcuni premi nazionali, mentre parte delle poesie del libro viene ripubblicata su riviste e in antologie Stillae Temporis , Edizioni Cantagalli, In questa casa vi sono grida di polvere, grida di ragnatele disposte come trine artistiche o pendenti a larghe falde dai telai degli infissi come tende fatte di cascami.

Rafforzano questa evidenza del segno anche le citazioni pittoriche: le nature morte e gli strumenti musicali impolverati di Baschenis e di Loyeux come allegorie del trascorrere inesorabile degli anni, della falce impietosa del Tempo. Che eri destinata ad un altro mondo e saresti tornata come fata.

Io lo sapevo che aveva ragione. Erano per me tanto improbabili quanto il loro esito fausto. Tu mi prendevi in giro chiedendomele come chiavi di un immaginario cruciverba. Per lui no, la tua sofferenza era come trascesa in una visione: eri un bozzolo di Fata. E ne ridevi. Linfoma primitivo. Storia di storie sulla materia oscura e i contrasti del vivere Ne I massi erratici , una coppia si immerge nella contemplazione della natura. Niente ricerche spirituali, zero crisi esistenziali: peso, Momo, pura materia e puro peso.

Il commissario M. E sono demoni della mente quelli che Bellavista insegue in questo thriller atipico, sofisticato e stregonesco. Spetta ancora a M. La tenacia di M. Il Seme Bianco pubblica libri di narrativa, noir, gialli, saggi, racconti, fantasy. Un attento lavoro di scouting permette di selezionare quei testi che raccontano una storia interessante e su questi gli editor, in sinergia con gli autori, intervengono per ottenere un alto standard qualitativo delle pubblicazioni.

Controluna pubblica libri di poesia. On Christmas Eve light blossoms everywhere, even in the most unexpected places. The same should be not just all around us, but in our spirits. Entrepreneurship can a way of taking steps to find enlightenment: reconsidering the past without judgement for instance is a step in this direction, through moulding it into a repeatable experience that you can share with everyone. But a step to enlightenment includes for sure looking for a positive environment: every good entrepreneur craves being in the kind of positive environment that creates firstly the incubator for their own growth and then for their firm.

And last but not least, looking at entrepreneurship as a road to enlightenment means being able to do other two important things. The first is the ability to appreciate and enjoy details; while performing such an hard task as being an entrepreneur, every little light on your path is something worthy of your consideration: always accept it as a sign of confirmation that will help to keep you on your path. The second is to cope with difficulties: where everybody sees failure, enlightenment pushes you to see endless possibilities, where everyone sees defeat, try to see understanding.

Aware of the potential of our optimism. If you stay tuned with light, sometimes magic happens. Best wishes to all of you! Gli spazi del Mattatoio — La Pelanda ospiteranno una serie di incontri, tra presentazioni di libri, firmacopie con autori e reading con ospiti prestigiosi. In entrepreneurial terms we do often the same. And, if we do, the chance of remaining what we are or, even worse, to fail, is very high. It involves time and patience. More difficult, challenging and useful is being ready to analyse and listen even to those facts and consideration that at a first sight clearly contradict their own theories, being also prepared to change perspective for a while in observing reality.

Therefore is so important and can make the difference for your startup project. Skilled listening, is a way of generating and testing new business ideas: it means in facts being able to pay attention to phenomena, eliminating background noise, and get the essential feedbacks from stakeholders, summarizing the content of their word. Mirroring, but in a creative way. Then probably the better firms are the ones that are able not to mirror but to match, compensate and sometimes even counteract stakeholder messages, but that request time and starts anyway from a good listening phase.

Your appreciation matters. Your opinion matters. Your interaction matters. We all know is difficult, hardly successful, time consuming and sometimes lead us to ruthlessy confront with our weaknesses. Is probably because a real entrepreneur is somehow like an archaeologist, relentlessy looking for some hidden beauty.

Beauty tends to feel like something that must be found in special places—like museums and galleries. There is neither a ISO standard about beauty, nor a spreadsheet. Look at the market nowadays: every firms wants to be customer-centric, adapt as much as it can to customer taste, make customer happy: only beautiful things have this ability, because beauty is talking an universal language, neither classic nor modern, able to communicate with everyone.

And it may represent a promise of happiness. Therefore beauty may represent a success- detonator for your business, being able to open the way to happiness, because happiness in the end is strictly related with interaction with beauty: observing something beautiful, experiencing something beautiful, creating something beautiful. Keep you customer in contact with beauty, and he will be certainly happy: the big seven factors commonly addressed as happiness markers, such as wealth, family relationships, career, friends, health, freedom, and personal values will come right after.

Every process in the end is a flow chart, like every painting is made of colours, but there is a slight difference between the Mona Lisa and a forgery. Nowadays, there are firms that created in their organizational chart the role of Chief Happiness Officer, in its essence, an HR Manager with the task of engaging employees, motivating them and raising performance levels through the enhancement of their happiness level.

There are endless recipes in order to make the best out of your pitching experience. There are a few simple things that really can make the difference. Slide show: please be clear. Drop on the slide a few concepts to talk all around, but be merciless in eliminating the not useful concepts. Slides are most of the times too crowded, simply unreadable. Infrastructure : where are you planning to pitch? It will be organized for a large public, in a small room, or just a few persons? Try to have under control beforehand parameters like: a distance to public, b facilities available in the room fi.

Pitching environment is important, sometimes decisive. Always respect time : is always one extra point gained for your pitching. Time keeping means respect for the audience, respect the following pitchers and…for yourself. In facts a god pitcher is a superb listener. So having time left means having time to answer questions and interact with public. Islamic finance may play an outstanding role in global economy especially if able to leave its comfort zone, with the help of new technologies in front end improving customer experience and most of all in backoffice processes.

These country specific models have achieved reasonable success as measured by the share of Islamic finance in the respective markets. I would like to argue, however, that the reduced pace of growth suggests that we cannot hope for a new growth paradigm while maintaining the status quo. If the developments in the conventional finance industry are any indicator, it is reasonable to expect that regional and global cooperation can open new doors for the Islamic finance sector.

International Islamic Financial Market IIFM has made valuable contribution towards standardizing money and capital market contracts as well as financing contracts. Maraj stressing on the need for standardization to enable global growth. Commenting on the changing face of financial services due to the advent of digitization, Dr. This means that there is an ample room for the industry to invest and to participate in the digital revolution. Moreover, e-commerce will be a very good channel to manage the liquidity of Islamic banks.

This is a challenge that has long been waiting for a solution. E-commerce seems to be a promising sphere. With the fintech revolution, online sales can seamlessly meet the requirement of Islamic finance. If Islamic banks invest in this area, they will be able potentially to reap lucrative returns from a growing large sector, manage their liquidly efficiently, and participate in real economic growth and development. The conference also played host to an exclusive interview of H.

Khalid Al Rumaihi, Chief Executive, Bahrain Economic Development Board, which focused on emerging projects and financing, the value added tax which will be implemented in the Kingdom in addition to the benefits and risks of digitization. Al Rumaihi also mentioned the key milestones achieved by the GCC countries during the past three decades, and how they have employed the bilateral cooperation as a factor to promote brotherly countries and unite efforts to succeed in the initiatives and plans set in this regard.

The Islamic Financial Services industry has shown tremendous progress as one of the fastest growing asset classes in the world. The industry continues to expand in many emerging and advanced markets and introduce new standards that should further help develop products and attract investors. In order to for Islamic banks to expand their geographical footprints further over the coming years, they must be able to compete more effectively and tackle a number of key challenges facing the industry, including delivering cost efficiencies, building greater talent pools, enhancing corporate governance; leveraging digitization, delivering innovative products that meet genuine market needs; and ensuring risk management systems are up to par.

For the Islamic finance industry to build a solid foundation for the next phase of international growth, the industry must undergo transformation in a number of key areas. The 25th Anniversary World Islamic Banking Conference WIBC is a key platform for industry leaders to put a spotlight on the challenges, innovations, latest developments and technological solutions essential for further growth of the global Islamic banking and finance sector.

This was followed by the joint launch of Casablanca Finance City CFC -Thomson Reuters Report — Islamic Finance in Africa: The upcoming frontier that provides an industry landscape of Islamic finance in African countries with an overview of the industry development in 5 African countries including Morocco. The conference proved to be the ideal launchpad for a number of key financial intelligence reports and also saw the launch of The Global Report on Islamic Finance — The role of Islamic finance in financing long-term investments by Islamic Development Bank that highlights how Islamic finance could help mobilize long-term funding for development programs.

Other key highlights from the day include the panel discussions focusing on economic growth and sustainable finance, the Fintech Panel on the Digitization Journey of a Global Bank and the Region Round Table focusing on Africa. Leading industry experts analyzed the challenges at hand and focused on coming up with effective suggestions with the ultimate aim of developing a convergence roadmap for the Islamic Finance industry at large.

The seminar concluded with a critical discussion on the latest developments in global financial markets that saw an assessment of Benchmark Rate Reform and the preparedness levels of Islamic financial institutions.

Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition) Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition)
Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition) Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition)
Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition) Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition)
Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition) Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition)
Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition) Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition)
Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition) Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition)
Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition) Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition)
Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition) Momo: Il demone cinico tra mito, filosofia e letteratura (Critica e letteratura) (Italian Edition)

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