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Medium Slow Blues Backing Track in A Major - 65 bpm

Say thanks! Sharing is appreciated and allows composers to gain exposure. Chord Progression:. A blues scale

A major scale. Recording yourself during playing can help you learn and improve faster. Check out the backing tracks that are available and record your guitar solo. Time to jam! More information on the Post-Your-Take program. Vertical Tabs. Phil Lewis Guitar. Joe Bonamassa Find the best backing tracks of the blues master himself. Do you want to play super solos? Funk Play that funky music on our inspiring funky backing tracks. Jazz Guitartonemaster has a nice collection of different guitar Jazz backtracks. Country The best country backing tracks that covers the most commonly Country and Western rhythms and chord progressions.

Happy jamming! Blues Shuffle in A minor Backing track. Funk Groove Back Beat. Blues Backing Track in B. To help you take this scale from the technical side of your practice routine to the improvisational, here are 8 classic sounding blues scale licks that you can work on in 12 keys. To finish our intro to the minor blues scale, here is a sample solo over an F blues. You can use the F minor blues scale over the entire blues chord changes. Learn jazz blues guitar step-by-step , download our ebook Introduction to Jazz Blues Guitar. Just as its minor sibling, the major blues scale is an important melodic device that you can use to solo in many different musical situations and genres.

As you can see below, the major scale has 7 notes.

The major pentatonic scale is made up of five of those notes 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 of the major scale. To produce a major blues scale, you simply take the major pentatonic scale and add in a blue note , the b3 of the key. Here is a sample two-octave fingering for the G major blues scale. Get it under your fingers so that you can begin to visualize this scale on the fretboard, and hear how it sounds on your guitar.

The major blues scale works over both major 7 and dominant 7 based chords. This is because there is a major triad in the scale, but no 7th. The main difference between the use of major and minor blues scales is that as the chords change in a blues or other standard form, you have to change scales along with them. So, make sure that you differentiate the major from the minor blues scales in your practicing so that they are distinct and easy to move between when you apply them to your jazz guitar solos. There are 5 main fingerings for the major blues scale. Here are the scale diagrams for a G major blues scale.

To help you get started with the major blues scale, and learn how to apply it to soloing situations, here are a few sample licks that you can learn, work in 12 keys, and use as the basis for your own lines. To really get this lick into the swing style, try and accent the first and last note play them louder of the lick. This will bring an emphasis to the outer notes of the lick, and add an extra layer of rhythmic interest to the line itself. This allows you to build energy in your solo, as well as use a repeated lick without it sounding boring.

Then, play the first 8 bars as written and improvise the last 4 bars. From there, play the first 4 bars as written, and improvise the last 8 bars, before moving on to a fully improvised solo after that. This kind of transitional exercise is a great way to learn vocabulary, and integrate it into your playing at the same time.

The blues scale is used in bars 1 to 3, and in the bridge. In other places it is mixed with chromatic notes and arpeggios. Here are some typical Joe Pass phrases over a blues in G in which he combines minor and major blues scales. Backing Track. How do you use the blues scale in your jazz solos? Let us know in the comments below…. Hi my sincere congratulations for your website. It is a very useful tool for musicians who wAnts to learn about the jazz world theory and practicing elements.

I am very satisfied with the content you show here. It is very clear and the music sheets and pay along backing tracks and your track recordings of each song make very understandable each topic.

12 Bar Blues in 12 Keys

Thumbs up for your well done job. Cesar Coronel. Hey Dirk, i was wondering when you were going to update your newsletter as I thought it had so much to offer the musician. Your videos were specific to the needs of the guitarist and there are not many Jazz sites that give lessons as good as yours. Very informative. You guys offer such a fine uncluttered medium to learn jazz guitar, and the music history of jazz pioneers. Especially for those of us that are new to playing jazz. This tune is basis enough to not be over-bearing, thus learning it will be pleasurable.

Thanks guys. Very nice!! I will probably start to work on it tomorrow. Jazzy blues is very nice. Or an on-going line? Thanks for the great Melodic and Harmonic concepts that you share, plus the inspiration and motivation which is the essence of teaching. Please keep it coming.

Essential Blues Basics: Soloing with the Combined Minor/Major Pentatonic Scales

Your friend Gene Pierce. That is some fine jazz dining. I was getting a little hungry for some Passta. This place is always a class act. I enjoy the Joe Pass lesson Joe is using G minor pentatonic in the turnaround of the blues I like that. Thank you so much for your work ,your site is definitly n. I m not pretty wealthy at the moment but i will support your site as soon as i can. Thanks again Martial. Tonight the work begins! Thanks for this. Thanks Dirk. Bingo Geoff! I have read and heard in his playing exactly that about Joe. I understand when Joe was a kid just learning the guitar, that his father not a musician told Joe to copy tunes off the radio and encouraged him to create fills and solos as many different ways he could.

It adds to my arsenal of blues licks. Thanks again!

  1. Why the parallel *minor* pentatonic scale works so well over a *major* blues – Chromawheel Music;
  2. Blues Scales - The Major and Minor Blues Scale.
  3. Lesson steps.

This is a wonderful site, I keep trying to make use of it, and support it but always get caught up in other things demanding my time and forget about it. The e-mails remind me of what I should really be doing, learning more guitar…. I intend to make an effort to support the sites I make use of in the near future Thanks kevin c. I stumbled upon his video lesson of Blues Guitar and was amazen.

The man seems to have little at first but when he starts explaining its almost like he forms your thoughts together. A very good teacher. Influenced my love for Blues further.

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Thanks for your sample e-mails, They have opened up a new world of jazz improvisation to an old rocker like me. Oeps… G Major blues scale 5 shapes … Last two diagrams are given 1 fret to low. Enfin on parle des deux gammes blues. Mais essayez de jouer un blues entier avec seulement une des deux gammes alternativement.

Regards, rf. Hi Roger! The first one is the G minor blues scale, the second one the G major blues scale. You can use the G minor blues scale over Gm7 or G7 among others , and the G major blues scale over Gmaj7 and G7 among others. Roger flansberry: The notes are different LOL. Please log in again.

Blues in A Major Blues in A Major
Blues in A Major Blues in A Major
Blues in A Major Blues in A Major
Blues in A Major Blues in A Major
Blues in A Major Blues in A Major
Blues in A Major Blues in A Major
Blues in A Major Blues in A Major

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