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10. The 71-year-old punchline capsule

After retrieving the discs the flower disappears, turning back into the bud. The timer resets itself, informing us it will next bloom in just over years time, or more precisely in the year , the year that the Exiles are shown to reside in.

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Unlike when we see it in Jade's time, the capsule is entirely green, and currently has no blooming flower. Instead it holds a glowing white orb referred to as "a seed".

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Later, we see the Draconian Dignitary accidentally throw the apple juice stained Sburb discs into this seed, prompting the Lotus Time Capsule to execute its program to bloom several hundred million years from then, when Jade finds it. The time capsule readies another seed, which is later used by the White King to store himself in it, until it opens in After releasing him, another flower, this one brownish and dead-looking, appears.

This one blooms ten seconds afterward and releases Bec Noir , who jumped into the time capsule some time after the Writ Keeper and shortly before the Meteor holding the Frog Temple started its journey to Earth.

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  • Jake is instructed by Calliope to head to the frog temple and retrieve the weapons for the Uber Bunny. He heads into the temple and locates the Lotus Time Capsule moments before it blooms. It then readies another bud set to bloom unnervingly soon. The two proceed to pick up Jane Crocker 's dream self and awaken Jake English in time for him to revive Dirk's dream self. There's a high speed train connecting the two airports and from Incheon you can take a bus, taxi, limousine or even water taxi from the airport to the city.


    Here's a view from under the bridge across the Cheonggye Stream. It runs through the center of Seoul. Take a look at this walking path and waterfall, and see how clean it is! TransportationTraffic congestion is such a problem in Seoul that words like "infestation" may be more apt to describe it. Public transport is a much better choice to actually get your body to a different location in any expedient manner. The system was designed around the idea of connecting bus lines to the subway system, take that as a hint Subway is it!

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    The subway has nine different lines in total and the trains come every three minutes, on average. Beat that! Commuter rail service uses seven lines to connect to regional cities, and these trains operate with a frequency of every twelve minutes in off-peak times!

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    It's amazing! People and CultureKimchi: eat it, love it. For a quick introduction, kim chi is pickled cabbage or other vegetables. You make it with red pepper and salt rubbed into the raw vegetables and then ferment it all together in a big jar.

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    If you're not from around here you will think it's really stinky at first, but it's one of those delicacies where the taste is totally different from the smell, and it's paradise for people who like spicy food. Not to mention that it's wicked good for you. Man, I wish I had some right now. Korean food is great, it has two basic categories. One is hot food with lots of red pepper, I mean the whole dish is bright red. The other type is cold stuff like glass noodles, cucumbers and greens.

    Very yin and yang, you might say. What else Seoul is a very safe place to travel and visit. It's got a low crime rate and a very welcoming, friendly population. Even if people can not speak English very well, they will try to help you so bring some paper to write down your questions for things you may need. The architecture of the city combines modern high-rises with ancient temples and palaces, making for lots of both shopping and absorption of history.

    You may catch a street performance if you're lucky. Things to do, RecommendationsTo explore small cafes and restaurants in a cool district of Seoul, go to Samcheong-dong. The name means "Three Pure Things" and it refers to its mountains, water and people. There are many new wine bars and a feeling of secluded charm among the hanok, Korean-style homes.

    Creating a Time Capsule

    When you start to feel overwhelmed by the high-tech side of Seoul, head for the woods. You can enjoy walking around the lake in the Seoul Forest, ride bikes and visit the butterfly greenhouse.

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    The sculpted topiary gardens of Yonsei University will also bring your eyes some welcome relief from flickering digital screens. Seoul has some really cool museums, small ones devoted specifically to Korean culture like the Seoul Museum of Chicken Arts. This is the first and only chicken museum in the world. Try the Seoul Tower, if it doesn't do the job then call up Icarus. Text by Steve Smith. Toggle navigation Search. Gigapixel Gallery.

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