Love my Bunny (A Learn to Read Picture Book for Kids) An easy reader series

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A huge battle unfolds in the attic and one of the other bats named Rousetta dies in the midst of things. Or was she murdered?

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Just as Hershey and the others are about to find out, a sudden sad event requires them to once again venture into the backyard. A snowstorm complicates their excursion and now Penny is missing. Will they find her or perish in the snow? Will they find out what happened to Rousetta? Where will all of this take them this time? It circulated the globe and tickled the hearts of all ages. More Info on Purchasing Online… Fifteen Rabbits by Felix Salten Sometimes it seems like one of two things happens with authors: either they are popular in their lifetimes and then forgotten or they are starving artists during their lifetimes and discovered later.

Salten falls into the former category. While the characters are anthropomorphized some, Salten captures a lot of truths about rabbits as well. Today writing is rarely beautiful; words are just a tool for conveying the plotline. Indeed, the novel is a page-turner.

More info on purchasing online The Warren by Fred L. Each rabbit has a story to tell. Bumper loves his owner, the pretty woman with the long hair who calls him Little Bunny One. All rabbits are afraid of new things. He soon learns to love his new owner, but tragedy strikes again when his rear teeth start to hurt him and he has to go to the veterinarian. Going to the veterinarian means more new things that scare Bumper.

But God means all things for our good, and he has something wonderful planned for Bumper. Go along on an Easter Egg hunt with James and Joy and discover interesting facts about real-life rabbits, Russian Easter customs and traditions! Written and illustrated by a school teacher with facts provided by House Rabbit Society, Bunny of the Forest is an interactive e-book that children of all ages are sure to enjoy.

Where is the Easter bunny? This app has amazing games and activities in which you can find the Easter bunny to earn valuable points to unlock many exciting achievements. Very HRS-friendly message. Marshmallow by Clare Turlay Newberry In the story of how a baby rabbit and apartment cat come to be close friends, the artwork is as engaging — and as beautifully executed — as the text.

A Caldecott Honor Book. Two pages of back matter try to convince the adult reader of spending 20 minutes a day reading to thei A book made for my library system's Summer Challenge of reading 20 minutes a day. Two pages of back matter try to convince the adult reader of spending 20 minutes a day reading to their babies. Since this ties in so closely with my system's Summer Challenge, I'll have to read it at my next baby time. Aug 28, Kelly Ayala rated it really liked it. This book is a great book to transition into reading to your child everyday. It helps with opening a Childs imagination.

The book can be about plane rides and how you narrate it, help help your child really express their imagination. Twenty minutes can make a big impact on someones life and I think the message is to try to spend twenty minutes reading to your child. Jan 08, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: , nostalgia , animation , audiobook , children-s-books , classics , colour , books-i-treasure , culture , fantasy. It feels so good to read with audiobooks and animations.

Really cute. Really reminds me of my childhood. Aug 28, Abby rated it really liked it. I liked the repetition the book used of the phrase Twenty minutes. Although it was a cute story, this book did not have very much build to it, making it a perfect book for beginners. I also appreciated the emphasis Wells put on the importance of reading. She used a bunny family to illustrate just how crucial it is to spend time with your child and read. Sep 05, Savannah Levos rated it it was amazing.

I really enjoyed reading "Read to your Bunny" that I even read it more than once. It is good for little kids to read it because of the rhyming. Also, it is a short story so the children can practice reading it over and over again. The illustrations were very good and I loved the bunnies characters.

My favorite part was the end of the book when it said, "and your bunny will read to you. Mar 28, Imelda Herrera rated it it was amazing. If you ever want to read a book that connects you to your kids, this will be the one. Read to your Bunny is a rhyming story, from one of the best selling authors. The books talks about all the places your can read to your kid, and that if you make reading important and practice in the different places then one day they will read to you. It has a amazing illustrations that easily makes you connect with it.

Is a amazing book to read with your kids. Nov 21, Tyler Jones rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrens-books. There are children's books for children, and there are children's books for parents. This is really the latter - a simple book about why reading to your little one is an easy, fun thing to do that will give them a foundation for literacy. Children who enjoy being read to are far more likely to want to learn to read on their own - so read to your bunny!

Feb 14, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: reading-challenge , books-about-animals , children-s-lit , story-time-books. Used this for itty bitty story time, and I probably won't use it for that group again. I like the message that you should read every day , but I think it would be better suited for older kiddos. Also, the copy I have is on the small side, so I think babies being able to see the illustrations was an issue.

Mar 13, Olivia Slykhuis rated it liked it. This is a cute little book, but it's more of a dialectical than a story which is fine, and I fully support the message! It's more of something I might give as a gift to encourage reading out loud from parents. Feb 24, Mary Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. Although short in length, Well's work of fiction highlights two important chilhood events, that is, to introduce children to reading at a young age and second, to prioritize parent-child reading time as it not only favours family bonding but fuels their child's mind as well.

May 21, Helen rated it it was amazing Shelves: animals , kids-teens , humor. This sweet book has a single rhyme,showing you pictures of apparently multi-ethnic bunny parents reading to their children. It has a wonderful surprise ending! Nov 25, Vallyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-for-miss-e. Nice short story about the importance of reading. Jan 19, Cristina rated it really liked it. The entire story was based off this sentence and how significant it truly is to read to your child.

This book was short and sweet and targeted parents to read this to their children. Yet at the same time it is a learning technique specifically for parents to build this relationship with their child to help them succeed. The books design is a rectangle just barely longer vertically than a perfect square.

The pages are meant to be read with the book completely open and read to someone parent to child. There are borders on the pages around each text and illustration.

More Egg-Cellent Easter Books

The borders had a solid color of the background on both open pages with many white dots. Then around the yellow box where the text was and then the colored illustration had a white mini border around them. On the left side of the open book page is the text in large easy to read font. Then on the right side is the colorful illustration. Each page had a different setting, which took place in different places and times of the day, as well as different bunnies and a parent. The theme throughout the story was to show a different families parent and bunny reading a book in different placing with smiles on their faces.

Showing that reading is fun anytime and anywhere you go. It is a positive book to motivate children to read and have that connection with their parents. Children can grow up to become shy to tell they parents anything. Encouraging children to read and that they can read is extremely important at a young age. This book also had a rhyme throughout the text which can help kids keep in touch and hear different words coming together and have the same sounds.

Overall I think this book was sweet and to the point towards parents reading to their children. I think it is also important to gain this bond with your child so they know when school gets tougher or just life in general that they can come to you for help. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 because I really like the way to is thought out in a simplistic way yet portrays that you as a parent can bring so much to the table for your child just by doing something small for 20 minutes everyday.

Each page was a bunny with a parent reading it all types of places as well as anytime of the day. Reading during the day while you are doing many things such as in a plane, on the beach, outside in the moonlight, in the kitchen, in the tub, etc. Jan 20, Aiyana Martinez rated it liked it. This cute book is based on bringing parent and child together to read.

Hints the title Read to your bunny, Referencing that you read to your child. Its a cute animated little cartoon book that a mother reads to her baby bunny which brings them together and lets them have bonding time when all they are doing is homework. The easy rhyming phrases and the poetic verse make it simple to remember. Your children will think they are reading which will encourage them to read more. The brown bear sees a red bird who in turn sees a yellow duck and on and on. Not only is it fun, but there are also different textures for exploring the sense of touch along with the story.

Harold is one little boy who has an imagination that can help get him out of many jams, especially with the help of his purple crayon. Author Crockett Johnson has brought one of the most adventurous and endearing stories to life with a tale that will not fail to amaze and amuse you and your children as you share this wonderful story. Harold receives help from his crayon by drawing a boat to get him out of water, to creating landmarks to help him find his way home. His imagination and sense of adventure is contagious to all who will allow their own imaginations to soar.

There are certain types of stories that make bedtime easier. This is one that will engage the imagination, feed the hunger for verse that rhymes, and be soothing to hear over and over again. Sandra Boynton has done it once again with a tale that will entertain little ones and be a pleasure for families to share. The ark of animals watches the sunset and then gets ready to go to bed with bath time fun included. They offer fun, silliness, and a story to enjoy all at the same time.

Sharing bedtime is never more fun than with a tale that will draw you back together, again and again. It all begins with a single yellow dot, and the instructions to press it. The reader is then sent on a magical journey that shows them that things are not always what they seem! This is a book full of surprises, and excitement! Kids will giggle with delight as they see the dots change direction, get bigger, and even multiply! Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann tell the tale of a little girl who loves pink.

She loves it so much, in fact, that she only wants to eat pink, yummy treats. The pinker, the better and the gooier, the yummier. When she begins to turn pink, her parents take her to the doctor who insists that she begin to eat more green in the form of vegetables- yuck! After her parents insisting that she eat more vegetables so she can return to normal, she sneaks just one last pink treat and turns even darker- almost red! The only problem is her little brother has now decided that he loves pink food! Oh no! Here we go again!

Mo Willems brings to life, through this charming story, the tactics of a small child to get his own way. When the bus driver has to leave the bus for a few minutes, he cautions those who are left behind the readers not to let the pigeon drive the bus. Humor and true life comments throughout this tale will leave you laughing and offer you a sense of reality in a delightful story. Graeme Base brings storytelling to a whole new level with puzzles made out of illustrated animals and different layers used to create illustrations that will draw the eye to find all the hidden treasures.

Colorful, exciting, and entertaining, the detail is a virtual eye feast. Each page of detailed puzzles is matched to a letter of the alphabet and will encourage the reader to take their time finding all that is hiding within the pictures. Fun to share and even more fun to enjoy alone, this is one story that will keep you coming back. Amos McGee is a kind, friendly older gentleman who works at the zoo. Each day he finds time to spend with his five special animal friends: the elephant, penguin, rhino, owl, and tortoise.

Until one day, when Mr. McGee is too sick to make it to work.

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After waiting patiently, his friends decide to hop on the bus and visit him. Scientific, humorous, and silly, this is one story that will be helpful to those who are in the midst of potty training and a riot for those who love bathroom humor. Reading it together is sure to give you a lot of laughs and make you think of poop like never before. Written by Taro Gomi and Amanda Mayer Stinchecum, there is more humor than science in the pages of this book. Comparisons about the size, look and smell of the poop of different living creatures are the focus of the story.

Eastman ISBN: Eastman has used one of the favorite animals of all time to create a story that is fun, engaging, and fast paced. Dogs, dogs everywhere, and ending in a dog party in a tree. Reading this with your children, and watching the ease with which they can read it on their own, will both be something to enjoy. Dog lover or not, this is one tale that will bring you back for more when you want to share a story that will be silly and entertaining with your children.

Colorful, and enjoyable for all, this is one fun story to share. Muth ISBN: Jon J. Muth tells the tale of three children who meet their new neighbor, a Panda bear named Stillwater. As they listen to the stories told by Stillwater, the kids learn to look at the world in new ways. This introduction to Zen is good to use as a group story to read aloud, or as a bedtime story between you and your child. Simple illustrations make it easy to follow. Written for ages five and up, it is entertaining and a tale that many parents may enjoy sharing with their children.

An alphabet story that is amusing and funny with a twist that is sure to bring laughs, this is one little story that you will never tire of reading with your little ones. As each little letter lower case invites another to the top of the coconut tree, and each next letter follows along, the tree ends up getting heavier and heavier, and finally results in the tree being bent. That is, until all the letters are shaken off as the tree snaps back to standing tall, and they are tossed in a heap underneath. Charming and delightful, this is one tale to share time and time again.

Everyone loves a funny story, and this is one that will give you and your children more laughs than you bargained for. While he follows the watchman around and watches him say good night, completely unobserved, he lets each animal out, one at a time. The animals follow the watchman home and end up sneaking into his house. With the surprises that follow and the fun that awaits, you and your children are sure to not be disappointed with this tale. Nancy is a little girl who loves everything fancy, and the fancier the better. Not only is she fancy, she tries to make her entire family be fancy too.

Boring and ordinary will never do for Nancy.

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Dressing up means wearing her tiara and her bright jewelry. Nothing is the same once you have been exposed to a fancier way of life with Nancy and all her fancy adventures. Writer Robert McCloskey knows that one of the highlights of summer is picking berries, and this tale makes that a reality for children of all ages.

When little Sal and her mother go out to pick blueberries to can for winter, they run into a little problem. Sal loves picking the berries, but she loves eating them even more. That is not the problem though. As Sal and her mother pick their berries, there is also a mama bear and her cub picking berries. The problems they face and the adventures they share with the bears will be entertaining and fun to share. Award-winning artist Jerry Pinkney tells the entire story without a single word.

In short, a ferocious lion takes mercy on a tiny, scared mouse, and instead of eating him, he sets him free. When the lion later becomes ensnared in a trap, the mouse comes to his rescue. This book is chock full of awe-inspiring landscapes of the African Serengeti, and wonderful, warm characters. Without a word, this book captures the imaginations of children, adults, and anyone who turns the pages in this beautiful book.

This story, winner of a Caldecott Medal, was written by David Wiesner. Anyone who reads this book may find himself becoming a treasure hunter of sorts. Wiesner brings things into perspective that will be educational and inspiring to adults and children alike. Becoming more aware of the hidden things on the beach will offer hours of fun and excitement. This is one of many children's books he has written that will be something special to share whether at home or on a family vacation.

This classic tale of one of the most traditionally beloved toys every child has, a teddy bear, is heartwarming. Corduroy is a little bear who wears green overalls. As he sits and waits for someone to buy him off the store shelf, there is also a little girl who is searching for a special toy to be more than just an ordinary toy; she wants a toy that will also be her friend. When you read the story of Corduroy and his new owner, not only will you be sharing a touching story with your children, but you will also be taken back to yesterday, simpler times, and loving a toy of your own.

Janell Cannon tells the story of a little fruit bat named Stellaluna. This little one gets separated from her mother and is found and taken care of by a mama bird. The mama bird insists that Stellaluna do everything the way ordinary birds do, which is totally different than the way bats do things.

When Stellaluna can finally fly, and actually ends up finding her mother, she is told that what she feels is the right way to do things are her natural instincts, and that she should follow them. She is very relieved to be able to do all the things bats naturally do once again. Sharing this story will teach you and your children about how bats look, live, and are different from birds. Eastman is a wonderful story that will be something your child can soon read on her own. A bird hatches from his egg while his mother is away, and sets out to find her. When he finally finds his real mother, he instantly recognizes her and the reunion is a very happy one.

Educational, entertaining and one of the most beloved stories for all ages, this is a great one to share. Seuss has taken a simple story and made it one that applies to everyone at one time or another. Each milestone in life opens new doors of opportunity, and that is what this story implies.

As you read it with your children, you may even be inspired yourself. Not only does it inspire and encourage the reader about the opportunities in life, but it is also entertaining with the traditional Seuss wit and rhyme. Fun to read aloud and even more fun to share with a loved one, this is one picture book that will become a family favorite.

Every child loves to hear stories of another child, even if that other child happens to be a little pig named Olivia. Precocious and energetic, Olivia has a way of wearing her mother out. Each night as her mother puts Olivia to bed, she tells her that she loves her- even though she wears her out. Ian Falconer has brought together reality and fantasy in a way that will touch your heart and give you a laugh.

Everyone loves lovable grandmothers, but this is no ordinary grandma. The lovable and magical things she can do with her magic pasta pot will amaze, astound, and humor you and your children as you share this story. Everyone in the village comes to her for help and advice, even the priest and the nuns in the convent. Her powerful pot is put to the test and the hilarity that results will leave you laughing.

This is a wonderful book to share with little ones at bedtime or any time. Winner of the Newberry Award, Tomie dePaola has created a classic. Antoinette Portis has brought to the list a book that touches the heart and imagination of children of all ages, with this delightful story about a bunny and his cardboard box that is in his eyes anything but a box. As every child knows, a cardboard box can become whatever you want it to be, and the things that the bunny turns it into will open up the imagination to create many things you and your children may not have thought of creating with your own cardboard boxes.

Sharing the story and sharing the ideas to create will be inspiring and fun.

Seuss is as silly as ever with this classic that will have you and your children enjoying reading and rhyming more than ever. From flying a kite in bed, to walking around with ten cats on your head to counting and seeing new kinds of fish and creatures, you will not be disappointed.

One of the most exciting things about reading a Dr. Seuss book is the never ending temptation to read it as fast as you can. With this story, you will have the rhythm and rhyme rolling off your tongue as you share it with your children. Before long they will be reading it with you. This is an easy to read book with words that are simple, and it will lead the way to reading aloud. Ray ISBN: This little monkey has become one of the most beloved of all pets, and with all the trouble he can get into, stories about him are winners in almost every household.

George knows how to have fun, but getting into trouble because of his curiosity is what usually happens. Sharing these tales will give you and your children lots of laughs and offer entertainment for years. One good thing about the trouble George manages to find is that is almost always followed by something good or funny, and the man with the yellow hat is always understanding with the little monkey.

Chris Van Allsburg has created a story of fantasy, adventure and fun, with this book about two kids who get more than they bargained for with a board game that they find. Not only does it take them from boredom to excitement, but the trouble they encounter along the way will thrill you and be fun to share with your own children. Playing a game may never be the same again, once you find out what happens with this simple little board game.

Magical, mystical and full of surprises, this is one story that will be a great addition to any day. Written by Michael and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, this is one little book that will offer more fun and adventure as you reenact the bear hunt adventure with your own children. A father and his four children set out on a fine day to go on a bear hunt through the grass, through a stream, and into the wild.

Rabbit Ears by Amber Stewart - Read Aloud Children's Story

As they reach the end of the hunt, they come upon a bear who chases them all the way home. Was the bear real or did they pretend it into existence? Sharing this story with your children will offer you many explanations as to whether it really was a bear or not. Cows may seem quite boring to most people, especially when they are plain old ordinary cows. When the cows begin to learn how to spell and write, they insist on being treated differently and end up going on strike when Farmer Brown refuses their demands.

Funny, delightful and entertaining, this is a great book for the entire family to share. What better way to teach babies and toddlers where each body part is than with a game and a book? Karen Katz has created one of the most interactive and teachable peek-a-boo type of stories that will help you as you and baby have fun learning.

Interacting with the baby and the story will be one of the easiest ways to teach simple concepts. Play time, nap time, any time, this story will keep you and baby having fun for a long time.

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Watty Piper and Loren Long brought us this inspiring story of a little train engine many years ago and it is still inspiring and encouraging millions of people, children and adults alike. The message this leaves the reader with is one of how important it is to be determined, persevere, and never stop trying. The beloved story of this little rabbit boy who learns a lesson the hard way will bring you and your children a lot of entertainment, laughs, and a lesson that may last a lifetime. Being entertained is good, but having the addition of important life lessons is even better.

This is one story that is sure to become a family favorite and be enjoyed together for many years to come. This story brings to life part of the adult world to children who want to know what people do all day. There are examples of jobs and a connection made from one person to another. It gives the reader the sense that we are all connected, and the each profession is not only important to itself, but is dependent on and supportive of the other jobs out there.

Reading it together may offer windows of opportunities to discuss with even the youngest children the importance of work, money, and being helpful to others. Richard Scarry has a way with connecting pictures and stories to keep the interest and draw the reader back again. Sharing a cookie may be fun, but when you share it with a mouse, be prepared to be put to work. In this charming tale of a boy and his mouse, Laura Joffe Numeroff and Felicia Bond have created a story that will give good attention to cause and effect, consequences to actions, and offer enough fun and entertainment to keep you coming back again and again.

The illustrations will give you an even bigger picture about the hilarity behind the story, and make reading this tale even more fun. This one is sure to become a family favorite, and one that you will keep coming back to. Audrey Penn is the author of this truly one of a kind story. When little Chester, a young raccoon, is scared to leave his mother and go to school, she gives him something that makes everything alright. She kisses his palm and tells him that the kiss will help make school as warm and nice of a place to be as home is.

This is one sentimental and heartwarming story that will help even the youngest child deal with changes they have to go through. One of the most beloved books for boys and girls is the story of Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne- his steam shovel. Mike Mulligan still uses her though, and insists that she can do just as good a job as those more modern models can.

When he insists on using her in Popperville, Mike and Mary Anne are put to the test, with the entire town watching. An inspiring story that is fun to share with little ones, this one is a true classic. What do you get when you put together a peddler, some monkeys, and the story telling gift of Esphyr Slobodkina?

Love my Bunny (A Learn to Read Picture Book for Kids) An easy reader series Love my Bunny (A Learn to Read Picture Book for Kids) An easy reader series
Love my Bunny (A Learn to Read Picture Book for Kids) An easy reader series Love my Bunny (A Learn to Read Picture Book for Kids) An easy reader series
Love my Bunny (A Learn to Read Picture Book for Kids) An easy reader series Love my Bunny (A Learn to Read Picture Book for Kids) An easy reader series
Love my Bunny (A Learn to Read Picture Book for Kids) An easy reader series Love my Bunny (A Learn to Read Picture Book for Kids) An easy reader series
Love my Bunny (A Learn to Read Picture Book for Kids) An easy reader series Love my Bunny (A Learn to Read Picture Book for Kids) An easy reader series

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