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The race to adopt machine learning practices in every industry means enterprise data scientists have to build, train, and deploy models at speed and scale. To do this, IT must give data teams access to the essential tools needed to deliver business value. Anaconda Enterprise helps solve this by:.


Anaconda Enterprise can be installed from public clouds to bare metal servers in air-gapped, on-premises environments to fit the needs of every business. Learn more about our enterprise-ready platform.

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Extracting insights from proprietary company data so that executives can make informed decisions is key to achieving desired business outcomes. To do this successfully, companies need to invest in a scalable data science infrastructure that operationalizes AI and machine learning ML practices. Learn more about the power Anaconda Enterprise can bring your business. Skip to content. From cinemas, theatres and hundreds of cafes, bars and restaurants to a brand new sports centre and state-of-the-art study facilities under construction at the Tapijn site — Maastricht is a living city with a historic centre.

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And every academic year kicks off with an unforgettable Inkom week. Read the report. This website uses cookies. Skip to main content. Ten reasons to choose Maastricht University.

Personal approach with Problem-Based Learning Students at UM learn in small tutorial groups, which means you participate actively and acquire essential skills for your future. Unique programmes UM offers a number of study programmes that can be found nowhere else in the Netherlands.


Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent — at least in the recreational realm — than an enduring, unanswered question: Why does marijuana cause one person to experience a pleasurable high, and another to experience paralyzing paranoia? Thanks to a July 5 study out of Western University in Ontario, Canada, we may be one step closer to an answer. Steven R. But there is very little known about the specific areas in the brain that are responsible for independently controlling those effects.

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This study, then, is a breakthrough. The multi-year project, led by Christopher Norris, PhD, validates many who have r eported experiencing highly negative effects from marijuana. The work is a departure from earlier attempts to explain the different psychological reactions, including a study from Oxford , which suggests that traits such as low self-esteem play a role. For those who experience a bad reaction, this may be good news. The next step for Laviolette and his colleagues is to attempt to replicate the results in the human brain, which will be no easy task.

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