Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition)

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Sandokan: the tigers of Mompracem by Emilio Salgari A pirate adventure, written in the late s published in , the greatest Italian best-seller of all times. Intended for children, but beware: blood is flowing in torrents, pirates are dying by the hundreds. For modern adult readers who had their share of adventure books, the story is a bit too predictable and repetitive. Longer review: 86 on my 75 thread Rating: 3 stars Lieutenant Gustl None but the Brave by Artur Schnitzler Must be one of the shortest books on the list, therefore recommended.

And it heavily influenced James Joyce's writing of Ulysses with its interior monologue style. Did you know you have to kill yourself when a socially inferior person insults you, because otherwise you'd lose your honor? I'm so glad those times are over! Longer review: 87 Rating: 3 stars. Well done on book ! Looks like you've knocked a wide range of books off the list this year - I'm working my way through your 75 thread bit by bit, always interesting to read your reviews. Thank you! Looking at the books read in I notice that once again, with very few exceptions, I concentrated on the shorter ones.

I fear there are not many more of them left for me. I finally read Northanger Abbey. For a Jane Austen book it's surprisingly funny and almost 'action-packed'. Not a book I would have put on the list, but I realize many people had a bit of an "aha-moment" when they read it. But also some beautifully written and obviously heartfelt parts about friendship, illness, suffering and death. Review: Rating: 3,5 stars. Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day by Winifred Watson I don't know how it earned its status as a book, but no doubt this is a enjoyable, easy-to-read, optimistic book.

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I listened to the audio version which earned an extra half star. Brighton Rock by Graham Greene Another page-turner, wonderfully dense atmosphere. And another easy read. Hoffmann A stylistically unusual yet entertaining book by one of my favorite German classic authors. It took me a while to get into it, but then I was hooked. My last books for North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell More a romance novel than the expected criticism on industrialism, but at least a good romance novel.

Fanny Hill by John Cleland All the endless, detailed, flowery descriptions of Fanny's sexual adventures quickly became boring. I understand the status, but imo not a good book. Review: Rating: 2,5 stars Hyperion by Friedrich Hoelderlin German romantic pathos at its best - or worst, depending on your personal taste.

But it's quite short. Review: Rating: 3,5 stars From the list: The Third Man by Graham Greene audio book No idea, why of all Greene books this one was removed from the version. Wonderful atmosphere! Not to forget "Arabian Nights" where I just finished the 2nd of 16 volumes and which will certainly accompany me well into February will be better with some additional short books. Gargantua and Pantagruel by Francois Rabelais Read in German in a very good translation and therefore enjoyed it a lot.

Nothing for the over-sensitive reader, rough language and descriptions of bodily functions prevail. If you don't mind that it's fun. How could they remove that one from the list and leave From Mice and Men on it? Wonderful language, optimistic story. Review: 78 Rating:4,5 stars.

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One more in January: I appreciate its literary value, but it was one of my most joyless reads ever. February reads so far: Well written, but very factual language. Sons and Lovers by D. Review: Rating: 2 stars An unappealing story, but weirldy seductive. Loved it. Recommended only for dedicated Mann fans who got through Doctor Faustus without lasting damage. It's more humorous, but it's looong! Review: and plot overview in post Rating: 5 stars. Two more February reads - both books I had put on hold in with not many pages left to go: Fiesta: The Sun also Rises by Ernest Hemingway Men drinking too much and all falling in love with a terribly annoying woman.

Detailed descriptions of bull fights more boring than cruel. I can feel it is a good book, but I didn't really enjoy it. None of them was great, but one was more than okay. Not really. They should remove this one and instead put Memento Mori on the list. Review: 35 Rating: 3 stars This one should if possible be read first. This leaves me now with Finnegans Wake. I am officially scared. Review: 57 Rating: 4 stars The Once and Future King by T. White The book mentions only 4 parts, so I see this one as finished, although I am still listening to part 5,"The Book of Merlin".

The whole thing overall was quite a disappointment, I had expected to enjoy it much more. I liked part 3 best. Maybe you need to have known it as a child to still appreciate it as an adult. Reviews: 59, 61, 78 on the above thread reviewed the single books Rating: sums up to 3 stars Very short book. The stories all start strong and then fall flat my opinion. Review: 79 Rating: 3 stars. It's more than a month since my last post.

Problem is I haven't yet written all of the long reviews, so I'll add those numbers later.

Le tigri di Mompracem

April reads: Funny start and rather lame second half. Still rated with 3,5 stars at it was the easy read I had hoped for, but I had expected it to be a 4star book. Review: Rating: 3,5 stars might downgrade to 3 Buzzati is using the allegory of soldiers in a bastion waiting for an enemy's attack. Review: Rating: 3,5 stars might upgrade to 4 Short and easy read. Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs If you want to laugh about ridiculous storywriting and don't mind the blatant racism, superiorism, sexism - go for it.

Belongs on the list for its influnce, but should be better read at an earlier age. Funny it was, but shake-your-head-in-disbelief funny. Review: Rating: 2,5 stars These were all short books, but I keep working on the real long ones: - Clarissa Harlowe by Samuel Richardson, finished vol. Listened to 1,5 of the 12 volumes - not to forget the unbearable Memoirs of my Nervous Illness. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck I've read and enjoyed a couple of Steinbeck books in those last months, but this one here stands out.

Wonderfully written, touching and absolutely timeless. Must-read, and if you hated it at school, try again - you might see it with different eyes. Review: 39 Rating: 5 stars Can't express how much I hated it. It isn't even fiction, and although it is said to have influenced Freud I have no idea why it's on the list. Poetic language? Didn't find it. Review: 76 Rating: 1 star Maybe it took me so long to get to this book about a childhood in Nazi Germany and an adult life in the German Deocratic Republic because I had to mature towards it.

Very good but complicated writing in the original German, which might be even more difficult to read in translation. It is also possible that with its many references to German traditions, songs, etc. This book brought back many memories. Review: Rating: 5 stars Overwrought and too long, too much drama which resolves into nothing. Check the GR thread if you are interested in knowing more and to see some quotes.

Review: Rating Most translations are in prose anyway. This was my 3rd 5star book in May. I'm so glad that you ended up liking Patterns of Childhood! Of all the books I've read from the list and would never have read otherwise, it's the one that made the greatest real impact on me. The words "I don't know" have never meant so much. Of other great works you've usually heard before. My only issue with this book is that in all its beauty it will not be read by many other people like my grandma who is not much older than 'Nelly' who 'never knew' and suppressed their own memories and whom books like this could encourage to open up to their past.

Most of them wouldn't get over the first couple of pages. Good news about Patterns of Childhood. I ordered a copy this week. I can add only one new to my list, but I reread and enjoyed 3 more.

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And not as related to Goethe's Faust as I had expected. Review: post Rating: 4. Review: post Rating: 4 I'll try and read The Golden Notebook next month with the GR here and haven't planned any other books for the near future. At least I am making progress on Clarissa , finished vol 6 of 9! Edit And why are there so few Steinbecks on the list? I am almost done with East of Eden and it really should be there, I am ready to sacrifice a Goethe for it or that terrible Schreber book! Finished my first 1, book since June - but at least it was a BIG one, a real milestone: It's not BAD.

But you'll need patience - both for the length and the plot, especially I guess if you are a woman. At least it will leave you with a sense of gratitude for everything feminism has since achieved. What a dull and boring life a rich girl was forced to lead in the s. No reading plans yet for September. Might kill you?

No, it definitely would kill you. If you didn't already waiting for something new to happen. I kid, it's really not too bad. I'm still reading it, but congrats for finishing! Can't believe how I neglected the 1, list since August. Too much going on in RL, and I needed to soothe myself by reading lots of children's books. Good ones, and certainly many of them are on the 1, list for children's literature, but that doesn't help my statistics here.

And I read all of this year's Booker shortlisted candidates and some Herta Mueller, whose Hunger Angel should be on the list as well. There's something about good magical realism that just works for me. I listened to this one on audio and it was an excellent narration, although not always easy to follow.

The Monk by M. Lewis What a crazy book! Great beginning, lengthy middle part, but then an ending that makes up for it. Maybe the most entertaining Gothic novel I've read so far. Review: post same thread Rating: 3. It's hard to stomach at times, with the detailed descriptions of the situation in the Chicago slaughterhouses in the very early s. It would be kinda cute for a good really good remake of The Shining since they could probably make the tree art really come to life now. But of course they could never replace Jack in the lead role. I still can't watch more than 15 minutes of The Shining at a time without getting too scared.

Books don't seem to have the same effect on me, fortunately. In this case, book and movie are quite different, but both very good in their own way. Jack Nicholson is so scary, and the atmosphere in the hotel gives me the chills already in the first scenes. And those landscape shots in the beginning were amazing. They give you an idea of how remote that place is.

In the book it all happens much slower and it is easier to develop sympathy for the father what's his name again? Jack as well? I have no memory for character names. In the movie he is crazy from the beginning and the wife is never at ease. And I preferred the book's ending if there hadn't been the epilogue. I don't remember the last sentence before the epilogue , but it was a great one.

Must look it up. Dec 20, , am. His biggest problem was as Deern points out, Jack is not supposed to have gone into it crazy, it is supposed to be the result of the Overlook. He felt Kubrick was taking a cheap shot there, disbelieving in the supernatural and not allowing it to be truly portrayed in the movie, just making it about a lunatic stuck in a hotel. While I haven't been posting here on my own thread, at least I've been reading and made it to He moves back in with his estranged wife and son and the family tries to find a way to cope with the trauma.

Very well written, not easy to read. Review: on the above thread Rating: 4 stars But one of the oldest European novels and a great witness of the ongoings of the devastating 30 years war. Not an easy read, but it belongs on the list! Review: Rating: 4. It's a good book, but I don't need any more of those whiny guys complaining about the mistresses they are not planning to marry anyway.

Review: Rating: 3. I don't know if any other book has been that painful to read. Warning: if you can't personally connect to the characters, you might find this book dreadfully boring. Without the GR I might have avoided it forever for its length, but it's an incredible pageturner and I enjoyed almost! I might downgrade it later.

They couldn't put Rilke's poems on the list, so they went for the only novel he wrote. This earlier work is also well-written, but I don't really see it on the list. The great surprise didn't work out for me. Review: Rating: 3 stars I loved it, but mainly for the protagonist Ignatius J. Reilly who is alarmingly realistic. I am glad I don't know anyone like him in RL, but I could fully enjoy his antics in book form.

March books so far: Loved it, although the story itself wasn't that gripping. Long and slow, and it really needs some patience. Wanted to throw it out of the window during the first half, then I just gave in and accepted that the characters are not so much unrealistic than idealized in an arty way. My first Balzac and I enjoyed it enough to try the other one on the list soon. Not sure about the must-read status though. I liked Grace's storyline but could have done without all that business with the fictional doctor. Review: not yet posted Rating: 3. I admit that it gained an extra half point because I was so grateful that this wasn't a book that had to be "conquered", like so many others from the list.

I love my challenges otherwise I wouldn't be here , but isn't it nice if from time to time when there's one you can just read in a day and which doesn't leave you depressed? Not bad in the sense of 'badly written', but I didn't like it at all. Whiny Italian nobleman is left by his mistress, gets totally obsessed with his jealousy when he learns she got married while he's having countless other women which seems to be okay and finally sets out to seduce the very respectable and married friend of his cousin.

If there hadn't been an amazing part about the truth and beauty of poetry, the rating would have been lower. Don't read unless you want to get to the full 1,!

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Some April reads I'm much behind with all the reviews : My first Murdoch and I loved it. There's so much in it that I can't write a short review here. But there are also some great, almost comic scenes in there, and Zola even managed to soften the ultimate downfall of his protagonist Gervaise a bit. Certainly an important witness of its time! I haven't read any non-listed Atwood yet, but The Blind Assassin for example seems to be very popular. I wonder why this one here was kept on the list in instead.

Review: 46 Rating: 3 stars Go and read it! The author invented the Moomins btw!! The remaining April books: I don't like dystopian, but this is very well done. Very interesting observations of the Berlin of the early 30s before Hitler and the Nazis came to power. You get a good impression of the chaotic situation that had to end up in some kind of extremist government - either far right or far left. The story around Sally Bowles is just one of several short episodes in the "Goodbye to Berlin" book, but the Musical "Cabaret" is clearly influenced by the complete collection of Isherwood's stories.

Reviews: 66 Rating: 3. Short and sweet, but surely no must. Review can also be found in post 65 of the 75thread. I can't believe I got there. Now I want ! Okay, some real short ones among them. May reads: Believable story of how the Pakistani student Changez slowly becomes an Islamic fundamentalist. Could have done without the love story though. Review: post 75 Rating: 3. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

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Dick - audible credit - EN That was entertaining and also quite good as audio version. I often don't like sci-fi, but here there was something Review: 76 Rating: 4 stars What a Carve Up! The Kindle sample promised a satirical whodunnit in an old and noble but extremely unlikeable family.

When I got the book I found I also got a great story about the political and social development in the UK from the s to the early s. Review: 77 Rating: 4 stars Review: 77 Rating: 3. Lovecraft - free Kindle - EN - p I thought pages couldn't feel longer but then in June Calvino showed me how much worse it can get. A bit of horror and much boredom. I feel now my rating is a bit too high. Review: 78 Rating: 3 stars After 41 years an old man finally has the occasion to talk things out with his former best friend.

In the end he is the only one who talks, and the reason for the fallout is a trivial as can be, but the writing is great. Review: not posted yet Rating: 3. Count it as read because I listened to the whole thing at least twice but still didn't get it. Review: 80 Rating: no rating The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky - hardback - EN - p 1, Not exactly the best time in my life to get this book off my shelf, but at least I was able to see its greatness.

My favorite Dostoevsky so far. Review: 76 Rating: 4 stars. I like Waugh! As with all Mc Ewans though I don't think I'll ever reread it. They Shoot Horses, don't they? A bit too far from my own culture, I feel I just didn't get it. I must read more Ishiguro soon. Wonderful book, though not easy to read. So go and read it and don't think about it too much.

Brilliant language. Schande Disgrace by J. Not as bad as I feared, but quite disturbing, though in a different way than expected. I hated it. Found it terribly boring and really, really tried my best! Read it extra slowly not to skip anything, but it didn't help. It's not Calvino's fault though that I don't get his books Often felt more like an exercise than a novel. Review: Rating: 2. Disturbing, sad, somehow "filthy". And yet not at all bad if you make it to the ending July will be much weaker, there are too many non-listed books to finish, and the 3 1, books I started so far are all slow-going.

Hoping for August! Starting my slow update by first listing the books read in July - September and then adding the usual short reviews and links I really must update more regularly July reads: It's a good book and a worthy ending of the series, but I can't say how much I despise Crawley!

Not exactly among my favorites either. I don't know. It didn't get me. Nel cuore del paese In the Heart of the Country by J. Coetzee - library book - IT - p - 3. The War of the Worlds by H. Wells - free Kindle - EN - p - 3. Maybe I should read this again when I am much older. Good yes, important yes, enjoyable not at all. What a great book, why did I keep it on my shelf so long? The eternal dilemma of free thinking against blind obedience brillantly worked out.

Amok by Stefan Zweig - paperback - DE - 62p - 3 stars I don't see it among Zweig's best and am a bit surprised at why it was chosen for the list. September reads: Probably also the shortest. Solid knight's tale, and Robin Hood turns up! Often went simply over my head. Country, politics, religion Great writing. Not for me. The Interesting Narrative by Olaudah Equiano - free Kindle - EN - p 1, - 3 stars Maybe not authentic there are doubts but certainly interesting and definitely important, this realistic autobio of a man kidnapped from Africa and sold as a slave in the West Indies.

The second half became far too religious for my liking. Bekka: it just looks so impressive because I update so rarely. Thanks for recommending The Postman always rings twice , I am reading it now and loving it! Some modern thoughts on marriage, some very traditional ones, overall too bitter A s psychological novel with surprisingly modern insights.

Has some lengths. Romance and minnesong rule! Realistic and touching look on the life of a single woman in Hamburg during the last days of WWII and the first weeks of peace. Cain - Kindle - EN - p - 4 stars A quick and fun read, although I wasn't all happy with the ending. Even slower because my heart and stomach can't take more: The Days of Sodom.

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You'll have to start planning what to read for book ;. I can't believe I made it. I always thought "maybe I'll get to and then just stop". Now I want more!! Another master and servant travelling through the country, having interesting discussions and many adventures. It ends a bit abruptly and surprisingly. Now I could fully enjoy it. Completely exaggerated, but very lively. To understand Nana's character, it's good to have read L'assommoir first which shows her upbringing.

When you understand about the war looming, it suddenly has something "Nana-ish". My problem here is not with the erotica genre, I just found most of the book really badly written. The "plots" often made no sense and the "characters" behaved inconsistently all the time. I noticed that most of the women managed to get the desired "liberation", while the disturbed men didn't change. I added a star because my translation was so obviously bad with many typos and I just want to believe the book is better in its original language.

Rating: 2. Now see I think you are fibbing to me : We'll be tied on for a while indeed! I am sure we'll soon tie again. But yes, I'll try and read Camus' The Stranger in the next couple of days simply because I don't want the Nin book to remain my last read for too long in that "individual totals" thread. Done for November with listed books I guess. More short ones again than I had planned, but DQ balances them out. Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev - online book - EN - p Short and intense story about the love of 2 fathers to their only sons, the hopes they put into them and 2 different outcomes.

Review: post on my 75 thread Rating: 4 stars Which doesn't influence my impression that I was reading something great and important.

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Review: post Rating: 3. A must-read on any list, even if it were "the 10 books you Review: post Rating: 5 stars Somewhat sad, and still hopeful, I was often smiling. Ragazzi di vita The Ragazzi by Pier Paolo Pasolini - paperback - IT - p - 4 stars A strange work like a very fragile musical composition with many layers. A very difficult read, difficult to review. The dialogue is rude and vulgar and all in Roman dialect , the narrative parts are brutally realistic or heartbreakingly poetic. It is obvious that there's love in Pasolini's look on the lost boys in post-WWII Rome, that in all the dirt, hunger, misery there's something humming that draws him towards them.

I am sure this is a great work of art. I don't know if I can recommend it, it's not an easy book to read and to digest. But it is special and belongs on the list. Review: not posted yet Rating: 4 stars, might upgrade to 4. Switch to the ebook. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Export option. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to listen online or offline wherever you are.

Laptops and Computers You can listen to audiobooks purchased on Google Play using your computer's web browser. More by Emilio Salgari. See more. After twelve years of spilling blood and spreading terror throughout Malaysia, Sandokan has reached the height of his power, but when the pirate learns of the extraordinary "Pearl of Labuan", his fortunes begin to change. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Tigers of Mompracem English Cover. English Italian Novels portal. Emilio Salgari 's Sandokan. Sandokan television series The Return of Sandokan. Categories : novels Novels by Emilio Salgari Pirate books Italian adventure novels 19th-century Italian novels s novel stubs.

Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition) Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition)
Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition) Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition)
Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition) Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition)
Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition) Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition)
Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition) Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition)
Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition) Le Tigri di Mompracem (Radici) (Italian Edition)

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