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How Can You Be More Seductive?

Due to the shift from offline sales to online sales, we increased our reach. A good salesperson could talk with up to forty people in one day, a good website reaches millions of people.

To Win Customers, Stop Selling And Start Seducing

At the same time, our impact has decreased: the probability that an interaction actually leads to a sale has reduced dramatically. Of course we are already working hard to increase our impact.

In Good Company (5/10) Movie CLIP - Dorm Room Seduction (2004) HD

We make sure we have the right products for people recommender systems and we ensure that we reach the right people: those who want to buy SEO and SEA. But we forget one thing that a good salesmanl does very well: sell the product in the correct manner. A good salesperson can sell anything. Not because he knows a lot about the product, but because he, perhaps intuitively, can understand the psyche of his client.

An example: Try to sell a book and say that you still have a whole pile of them lying around. Or try to sell the same book and say that you have only five left. Apparently the biggest surprise among those he managed to spring upon us was that yes, there is going to be a new iMac. Out with the old and in with the new — a wafer-thin keyboard with a brush metallic look and several new function keys and glossy-coated LCD displays are among the changes.

To Win Customers, Stop Selling And Start Seducing

The biggest strength and buzz building factor in the whole Apple mystique is indeed the masterful way in which Mr. Jobs manages to pull one off every single time he makes an announcement — even when some of the information is leaked as has happened. I posted the question on whether to stay with a Windows-based PC or switch to a Mac on my blog not long ago and received the most passionate comments and tips I have seen on a topic in a while. A thread common to the tenor of those comments was indeed that Apple has a superior customer support team — capable, willing, and eager to help.

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Could it be because they are proud of working at the company? Maybe there is also a different disposition on the customer end. Given the level of evangelism that Apple users engage in, they move more quickly from distress at needing technical help to delight at talking with well informed service reps.

Perhaps this is one of those cases where operating in a controlled environment is a good thing. So, what are you waiting for?

The art of seduction – how to get customers to want you

Do the math, and get […]. I figure that between having never tried cigarettes, and having stuck up for the nerdy girl that one time in the […]. So the other day there was a guy. Anyway, the other day there was a guy, and I may or may not have been kissing said guy.

Easily definable things are things that have been done so much, we know exactly how to categorize them. Name them. Label them. Sort them. So if what you want to create is just another X, then great. Dear You, Hi. Typically on Mondays, you get to hang with a sassy new segment of Fear, Exposed. And because I take pleasure in mystery.

Fighting Flu in the Workplace Starts Now

Stay tuned to find out WHY. Are you ready for this? Forget politics—this is the stuff that really divides. I remember my exact thought the first time I ever saw a sales letter: What a crock. I was working with an outside marketing consultant who was brought on board to work one-on-one with me on a long-term campaign designed to expand the company from one location to three over the course of an aggressively […]. Watch this video. Right now. Before you do anything else. And preferably with a small furry animal alongside you.

The psychology behind human decisions

Or a vodka. Equally comforting, and less smelly. There is so much we can take from that video, but most importantly: Only by putting yourself into someone […]. Yesterday, I was certain I was going to die. Not just on one occasion, but two. Your Customer, That Is. In: Online Marketing So, I'm a huge salsa fan. You see, I'm a clumsy starter. That's the name I've given myself. Anyway, the point is that salsa dancing was very much the same.

Customer Seduction Customer Seduction
Customer Seduction Customer Seduction
Customer Seduction Customer Seduction
Customer Seduction Customer Seduction
Customer Seduction Customer Seduction

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