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It was the same burst of inspiration. For the first time, The Edge was named individually as co-producer of a U2 album, along with their unswerving confidant Brian Eno and another new name in the credits, but one who was in reality a U2 veteran.

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With Daniel Lanois unavailable for Zooropa , Flood was the perfect choice to step up as co-producer, in what has been an enduring relationship. Perhaps one of the greatest compliments paid to the record, which topped the UK chart on 24 July, was that it went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album.


That accolade was testament to the continuing inquisitive spirit of a band that might by now have been seen as the rock establishment, but were still investigating fresh landscapes and locations with voracious enthusiasm. Zooropa offered such a rich palette of sounds to take in, such a wash of instrumental colours and effects to assimilate, that it was wise and appropriate for Bono often to assume a measured, less-is-more vocal delivery.

Flogging the soul to Satan. The Zooropa tour roared into life, even with the album still in production, at the Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam in May. This sensational, stadium-sized rock spectacle raced through Europe all summer long, coming to rest in Dublin in late August before rebooting as Zoomerang in New Zooland, as they affectionately termed it, in November.

U2-Ultraviolet (Light My Way) lyrics

By then, Zooropa was on its way to worldwide sales of some seven million, after topping the charts in the UK, the US, Australia and all over Europe. It was yet more validation of what, even by then, was a unique relationship between four friends.

Track Listing:

Follow the official U2 Best Of playlist. Numb Zooropa.

Zooropa News. Zooropa: Reasons We Love It. It came out twenty years ago this week and here's why Subscribers Exclusive : The Wanderer live from Zooropa Reviews. Newsweek - Zooropa. Zooropa is not the next great U2 album but a postcard Guy Garcia in Time on Zooropa. Zooropa is a plugged-in, spaced-out dispatch from the Howard Hampton in Spin.

"Zooropa" - U2

Zooropa sounds mostly like a band shedding its skin, Anthony DeCurtis in Rolling Stone. More influenced than ever by co-producer-conceptualist Soundbites "It occured to me You must be a logged-in member to add comments. Powered by Live Nation Entertainment. And then that temp and pitch shift in the middle - like pressing the 'turbo' button on that imaginary ferrari that I will never have :- Dont get me wrong - the other songs do take me to another place - as the other comments suggest - just not to the emotionally elevated place that U2 usually take me.

Zooropa - U2 | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Come back to us soon. Love it!

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MrJones 02 April, Sgt. Have to agree with the bass player here While 'Achtung Baby' has more 'great' singles, like 'Revolver' it's a mix of what went before and what came after.

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