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Lots of blank pages on the wall and that was part of the debate. Solved most of the big problems and broke up about noon and went home for lunch. Whipped out a little study that answers, or answers, the accusation from a childhood classmate of mine okay it's Trudy P. I picked up the statuette, but a lot of people get credit on this one.

And the list goes on. In the chambers of the town council at Cave Creek's City Hall, that's where. It helps that the offices are closed today. We cruised in at seven this morning 47 degrees out! She applies eyeliner to our homegrown model Kerri Gurule. Next up a portable seamless backdrop, with a test for light by Thuyan and last minute makeup applicated by Julie: The shooter is Ken Amorosano, who did a stellar job. I also brought from a home an Apache Kid gun rig that was gifted me by legendary gunleather guru, John Bianchi.

Meeting a model in a few minutes. Going to be a fun one. Shooting at town hall in the morning. Okay, here she is. Just read this in the new Esquire: "On the morning I had to shoot John Wayne, he leaned in to me with a little Jim Beam on his breath—but sober—and said, 'Oh, they're going to hate you for this. Because he understands bad guys are funny. Otherwise, we wouldn't be talking about them years later. Meanwhile, Mad Coyote Joe came by with homemade bread. Sent up this reference to Prescott Valley and Bronzesmith this morning: We can see the piping on Billy's fireman shirt clearly in the tintype: Well, anyway, those of us who study this little credit-card-sized piece of tin see the piping clearly.

What we can't see very good is the alleged anchor in the shield of the shirt. Some people see a dragon: Here's what I see: And here's a closer look at the "anchor": And here's what I think I see: I think there is also a design on the collar, perhaps stars? What do you see? Pablo Picasso said, "It took me four years to paint like Rafael and all my life to paint like a child.

The point being, artifice is ultimately stilted and fake, no matter how much skill or schooling is applied. A couple weeks ago I went into Phoenix for a meeting and took advantage of being in the Beast by dropping into Arizona Art Supply to stock up on an assortment of watercolor papers. My goal with this is to do a batch of starter paintings—"without hope, without despair"—in the hopes of finding a few honest passages I might build on.

So, this morning I whipped out a bunch of small, patina starters to get the juices flowing. As I said, the key here is to let go and not worry about where it's going. On several of these I painted with my opposite hand my right to try and break loose of my left-brain, linear thinking. I have become a firm believer in painting myself into a corner and trying to get out, which is a technique I learned from a Tucson git-picker at the Red Rooster Bar on the Old Benson Highway. That was his answer when I asked how he played such crazy leads in the honkytonk band we were both slumming in.

I recently read that people with musical training are more successful in life because they know how to listen; they know how to collaborate with others; and they know how to explore problem solving in a creative way by playing, or painting, yourself into a corner. Do drummers count? In this equation? Not sure, but I'll take it anyway. Crazy bad. Much mud. Much regret. I need to channel the child, keep it loosey goosey and trust my instincts to let go. Or, as some Zen guy put it: "Your grip should be like autumn leaves blown by a storm.

Mighty good. Sat by the window and watched the sun come up as a big-boned waitress with a big rack poured me coffee and asked me, "Everything okay? There were two Soccoro cops at the counter, so I knew the coffee was good. Four booths away in my line of sight was an old coot with a cane sticking out in the aisle. Out of the overhead speakers came Waylon singing about "America". Looking into Arizona on a lonesome highway I love this long stretch of highway because it's so serene.

I met maybe four cars in the 50 mile stretch to Springerville. I did pass a couple slowpokes, as I was averaging 80 most of the way. As I shot past a couple slow-moving vehicles I imagined the occupants looking at me and muttering, "Look at that asshole go. When I went down the hill after Payson, the traffic increased and I found myself being passed by cars and trucks like I was standing still. Expect the unexpected from this interactive and all inclusive event. Featuring a plethora of outstanding local queens to drag it out at the Unitarian Church. Strut on down for an extravagant evening empowering our youth to go all out this fringe.

Composed by youth for youth. A throbbing neon lighthouse guiding you to a space of safety, away from the jagged rocks of late stage capitalism. A speakeasy that heals the wounded and holds the oppressor to account. Resist man-made monsters like broflakes and binaries at our cabaret of camaraderie, with artist rebels and allies that refuse to go down quietly; in heels, in binders and in solidarity!

August 14th , Columbus Webb was the first pigeon to swim the Channel at the age of only two and a half weeks.

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A woman swimming around the Brighton Palace Pier swam over to investigate what she thought was a plastic bag floating in the water. Some optional audience participation. From her beach studio, with film, poems and site-specific art. Award-winning comic Dave Chawner delivers his show about veganism. Exploring the origin of food, ideas, and views, to understand where things come from. Tyler Everett sells his body to hungry punters on a nightly basis.

But on a regular working night turning tricks, things are about to take a sinister turn, leaving Tyler questioning whether living in London is really worth the price of rent. Direct from a critically-acclaimed European tour, Bleach is a darkly humorous, soul-jolting new one-man show about sex, violence and city living. Come on guys, she's been through a lot. What connects Abba and the Portuguese Revolution? Mount Everest and a supermarket in Hove? A stained wall and the genesis of a worldwide retail brand? What's the story behind a same-sex wedding in ? Britain's 'most useless' monarch?

And why is my charming Regency property damp and crumbling? Discover the real spirit of Brighton in a lively, funny and informative quest to uncover what makes this city unique - and a little bit weird. Roll up, roll up, to the greatest show on earth! Sing-a-long with all your favourite songs, fancy dress encouraged. A tale of sex, seduction and survival in the underworld of 's Brighton. Discovered in a subterranean, historic chamber, Betsy tells her story. A thrilling, award-nominated, one-woman show from multi award-winning theatre company, Something Underground. The acclaimed and award-winning comedy duo returns to Brighton with new material for their highly anticipated second show.

Heard on BBC Radio. Those dazzling divas are back, coming of age and celebrating 21 years with 'The Greatest Show Girls Tour'! The entertainment soars from start to finish with infectious, showstopping performances that'll bring you to your feet time and time again. The glamour of Hollywood and the glitz of Vegas in a mesmerising spectacle fulfilling dreams for everyone.

A chance to luxuriate in a vibrant, euphoric bubble of laughter, beauty, splendour and music. This chat show is the perfect way to start your Fringe evening, as you spend an hour in the company of one of Scotland's finest comedians, Vladimir McTavish, and his guests in this hilarious hour of chat and stand-up comedy. Visit this intimate soiree which brings you the very best in Fringe chat and comedy from three of the Fringe's funniest performers, selected from venues around Brighton for their ability to make you laugh but also as they have an interesting tale to tell.

This year, they look at what happens when a couple needs to put their relationship back together to continue on true love's journey.

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To help, the Chorus need to sing some love songs and the odd disco classic! Join us for an evening of singing, laughs and entertainment. Come and open up with us! Award-winning punk theatre company present a dystopian underdog adventure, performed in a secret bunker beneath an ordinary Brighton home. Expect surprise moments of clowning and technicolour visuals in this immersive solo show about being a misfit at the end of the world. This site-specific performance takes place in a genuine underground bunker and therefore may be inaccessible to those with mobility difficulties.

In particular, the venue is accessed by a steep staircase. Some areas of the venue feature reduced head height, uneven floors and narrow doorways. However, Nether Regions are committed to making the shows as accessible as possible within the constraints of this unique performance space. If you would like to discuss access requirements with the team, please contact them via their website: www.

Fancy an alternative variety show? Then they don't get much better than this! Four award-winning break through acts playing in an intimate venue and all for free! Join Silas, Jasper or Ebenezer, all suitably dressed in full Victorian attire, and hear tales of hideous apparitions, poltergeists, gruesome murders and wandering spirits. Tours also embrace much of the history of The Lanes. Stories are all based on long-established accounts of hauntings but are delivered with a good deal of comic respite.

Having racked up four Fringe awards around the world, Alfie returns to Brighton Fringe with his critically-acclaimed solo show. BN1 Magazine????? Broadway Baby????? Four lives intertwine over the course of four and a half years in this densely-plotted, stinging look at modern love and betrayal. Their lives are permanently altered when two of them have a passionate affair. We explore and delve into the brutal anatomy of modern romance, where a quartet of strangers meet, fall in love, and become caught up in a web of sexual desire and jealousy, often drawing out deep human isolation, vulnerability and destructiveness.

Expect hit after hit plus his country classics from across the decades. The critically-acclaimed Brighton Fringe sell-outs return! Join 'Do the Thing' for an unmissable high-risk, high-lunacy, highly well, entirely improvised musical. Two men do all the singing and acting. One man does all the music. You do all the laughing. Your suggestions are turned into a rollicking musical with a plethora of characters and a host of catchy songs performed for one night only by an in-advisably small cast two and orchestra one.

Davy Knowles - Devil And The Deep - 5/24/19 The Soiled Dove Underground - Denver, CO

Jody Kamali is hapless Mike Daly. A former Bristolian Darts Champion, frustrated by his fall from grace is back to tell all. A young woman with a wicker basket picks flowers in the woods; a horned figure, half man and half beast, creeps up behind her. Where do monsters come from? Do they exist only in stories, or do they live amongst us, watching, waiting? Set in a woodland clearing beneath the shadow of a dead tree, two people explore a secretive and painful shared past, ten years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The idiot is Ade Foiadelli, who has been accused of using logic that "defines good, opinionated, stand-up" Chortle , as well as charged with being "an enthusiastic and charming comedian" Broadway Baby.

He also writes his own blurb for web listings like this but loses the will to refer to myself in the third person by the end of it. A toe-tapping track is playing as we take our seats for Sary : a folkish tune, set to a modern beat. A teeth-gnasher. A shape-shifter. When a man says a woman turns into a hare, it means she were too quick for him! Written by Sam Chittenden, this piece of English Eerie explores themes of female sexuality, ageing and loss as kinds of alchemy.

This time she's getting more intimate, more experimental and more heartbroken. The acclaimed storyteller shares one fateful turn that changed her life forever, the only way she knows how - through the medium of computer programming which she studied at university and, like, barely ever brings up. Directed by Charlie Dinkin. The annual Fringe performance by one of the most exciting live acts in the south, this eight-piece soul and funk band, now in their eleventh year just keeps getting better.

South Coast Soul Revue play a thrilling mix of classic and contemporary soul with a twist of funk and they guarantee you will dance. Two irrepressible and highly talented lead vocalists, funky horns and a pulsating rhythm section make for a truly authentic soul revue experience. First timers will be blown away and if you've seen them before, you know you're in for another wonderful night.

Attention all sperm! This is a military operation in procreation! Join three fun guys who fertilise in an adventure as big as life itself. Imagine 'Saving Private Ryan' meets the sex education you wish you had, and they don't wear adequate protection. Nine months later this show pops out. Don't be ejacu-late, but don't come early.

Superstar disc jokey Juan Vesuvius delivers the greatest and strangest DJ set you've ever experienced. Explore the heady days of early 90s house music with a bona fide musical legend. But why does he need so much towelling? And what really happened between him and David Guetta? An eruption that cannot be plugged. Just ask the bees.

Bryony Kimmings returns with her first solo show in nearly a decade. A mythical legend performed straight from a heart still pulsing with pain. Combining personal stories with epic film, soundscapes and ethereal music, the artist creates a powerful, dark and joyful work about motherhood, heartbreak and finding inner strength. We will need new myths to survive the end of existence as we know it. Tonight, a new legend will be created, that of the invincible and fearless woman, a tale Bryony wishes she had known from birth.

What connects an unusual psychic reading, life in Mississippi and skateboarders? The spooky, sexy debut hour from Maddie Campion! Over 21 Years Jay has built up a powerhouse of sharp political and observational material. This show is the very best of all his material in a slick hour. The show is free because Jay loves performing to people who have not seen him before. Taking the Brighton Fringe brochure as their inspiration, The Maydays create an entirely new show every night. Every evening, audiences are asked to choose performances and events from the Brighton Fringe brochure.

Tours, workshops, comedy, cabaret, theatre or circus, The Maydays will take any offer from the hat and give it their own special twist. Your wish is their command A succulent smorgasbord of fantastically funny stand-up comedy headliners alongside the best in fresh new talent, with five different comics selected daily from shows all around Brighton Fringe. Sell-out shows at festivals worldwide including Melbourne, Adelaide and Edinburgh. Amelia Earhart has been missing for 81 years.

Emmy thinks this is wrong. She intends to rescue her hero. Frustrated by the limitations of her life, she intends to build, sail and fight her way to Amelia. It will be dangerous. It will be beautiful. Will her adventure take her to her long-lost hero, or to somewhere else entirely? One's a comedian, one's a robot pretending to be a comedian. Can you spot the robot and save mankind? Robbie and Mary will be doing an hour of their most relatable material everything from dating to families to the trials and tribulations of upgrading your operating system to prove they're human.

The audience takes a vote on which is the robot and watches them be terminated live on stage! You could stop, or start, the robot apocalypse. One day, they might even pluck up the courage to ask for the WiFi password. As heard on BBC Radio 4. We are calling all fellow reprobates, sinners and free love enthusiasts to join us for a night of ceremonial debauchery as we launch the Spiegeltent season!

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The year is and prohibition is in full swing. However, an underground movement is seeking to challenge the status quo. Seek refuge with them at the Rebels Ball and indulge in a night of wondrous entertainment from circus acts and immersive theatre with an added dose of sanctimonious dancing!

Gypsy Disco is a theatrical event production company specialising in immersive, playful experiences and multi-sensory entertainment. Award-nominated stand-up Jim Campbell descends from a murderous Scottish clan and has inherited their rage. He wanted to address this, to grow into a better person and learn to be more Zen. Then his bathroom exploded. Two of Brighton's best musical comedians on their best behaviour; Guaranteed!! Expect chaos, expect great comedy songs but most of all expect such goooood boys.

With songs, sketches and wry musings on the female experience, their original and bold material takes you into the wilderness of the female psyche, leaving you gasping for breath. An evening without inhibition. Five female performers, writers, comedians, and musicians in their 20s, 30s, and 40s make up 'The Fannytasticals'. They have been performing their hilarious and original satirical material to sold-out audiences for over three years. Reviewed in A show with a dancing bear might sound barbaric… but relax, this particular bear wants to dance.

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There it stands at the side of the stage, the broadest of smiles on its big brown head, elegantly shimmying its big brown paws in time to Cajun folk songs. The songs are provided by a trio of musicians, who come from Brighton but tell us they're somehow in Canada, and a travelling poet has also tagged along. Oh — and did I mention that the bear is wearing a cheerful summery dress?

Current Projects

It's hard to explain what makes Bear North so charming. It's a fantastical, whimsical musical journey, featuring a smiling bear in a summery dress - which sways and shimmies throughout the show, just because it likes to dance. The Cajun-inspired soundtrack's provided by a trio of local musicians, and a poet comes along for the ride as well; there are loose themes of outdoor life and the healing power of nature. Youve obviously worked hard on your craft. And Im proud of you. You are proof that if your industry has died on you, you can rebuild and adjust, not moan and cry about it.

I thought you did a great job! Would love to catch a show down in Denver sometime. I've watched some of your routines through facebook and have heard some pretty great things about you from others Keep bringing all the smiles! My husband Luther and I met you at your show. I just wanted to say hello and to let you know how well we enjoyed your show. You are a very talented person and it was a pleasure to met and speak with you. We have been telling our friends and family all about you. We are also looking forward to seeing you again.

Stay in touch, okay. I haven't laughed that hard in so long. I can't wait to get to the paint store and find out what color I really am! Thanks for coming in and doing that! Awww - small towns You are obviously in your zone, and it was such fun to have you come and shine your light and share your gift. Can I have the words to your rap? I just want to pull that on my teenagers one of these days. I'm the guy in the Kangol cap who got a a picture with you and b slain by the hardware-store-swatch-as-antidote-to-racism bit. Just so you know My husband was the only other black man in the place last night So do have a Facebook account?

We had a terrific time. The audience was all yours. Laugh baby, laugh! Continued success. I can't find it and would like another asap. Can you tell me how to get one? I do not know when I have laughed, really laughed so hard. The dance routine and the rap songs were instance hits. You have learned from the Master and yet you have your own style. Appreciate you sending information for a private event, but will make sure I check my color chart first.

Look forward to seeing you again sometime! First time I've seen you and won't be my last. My niece is Karen Z. You were hysterical Your show was great! Really ejoyed it! And I'm not big into comedy! Still looking for my "true color! And for "clean comedy! Hope to see one of your shows again!!!

New Release Round-Up February 26th-March 4th

Thanks for the laughs!!!! My wife and I love comedians and see as many as possible. You are one of the best. The what's your color bit is great. I want to find my color now. I too will carry it. Keep up the great work and Thankyou for being clean. It is funny to cuss but it is talent that can make someone laugh with just the material. Keep it up. You are hilarious I'm totally going to go find mine and use that!

Definitely refreshing to see someone have an excellent clean show that was very funny! We hope you enjoyed OKC as much as we enjoyed you!

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I was at the Loony Bin tonight and can't remember the last time I laughed so much. I should be able to avoid doctors for a long time! Top item on my to do list, go check out the paint colors We were sitting at the front center table. You shook my hand and apologized for shaking your butt in my face. Anyway, we really enjoyed the fact that you directed your comedy to real comedy. Thank you for avoiding the rank material.

It's nice to have a good clean laugh! We pray that your mom continues to be healthy and your son is a success!! Thanks again! You were cracking us up! You prove that you can do stand-up and make people laugh while keeping it clean!

Your Bill Cosby was spot-on, too! I hope you get to come back to OKC soon! We enjoyed the Cosby channeling and the rap conversation with your son. It was a great show, and all for a good cause. Went to the hardware store the next day. Turns out I'm Montpelier Peach! We had an amazing time tonight. It was Klean, it was Klever, and it was Kolored. My girlfriend and I have been suffering from CRD for quite some time. We're so happy to know that there's a pill out there to help us.

Keep reading the signs. You were great. I swear "fro" was not a colorful observation. Very funny stuff. Sam is alive and well and making people laugh in the good old state of Utah ;. Sam you were hilarious! Loved the Cosby bit. Keep on keepin on. Just kidding I enjoy living here even if I am the lone Obama fan in the crowd. Good luck with your show tomorrow night. Sam, my husband and I saw your show in Littleton, CO last night!

It was fantastic! Boy was it HOT in that theatre??!!! I see you are in the Littleton area several times this summer, so we hope to see you again! The show was definitely worth it and we hope to see you again. The show was great!!! I had a good time. I also liked that the show was clean; that's very enjoyable! Thank you for sharing with me! I will give you a shameless plug on Facebook! Look forward to seeing you and the Doctor in July!

They must have really been taken by you She's soooo NOT a match maker, nor do I need one. It makes me laugh to even hear how much she wants us to meet. If I can, I'll try to make your show tomorrow nite. You can also find me on FB. Leave me a msg. Try to find me! Had to go see you twice. Thanks for the Laughs. You are funny and made me laugh. I enjoyed your work last week the late Friday show at Comedy Works. It was the first time I had gone with my wife and we will definitely be back.

I actually remember you from Nugget games at Pepsi Center. The Hippy guy was good but you rocked! Nice job. I see you have a very busy schedule. I'm currently residing in rural Preston Ms. Still your fan Hope the deer stayed out of your-way on the way to the big city of Sargent. My year-old was thrilled about the nn hitter aka no hitter by the Rockies. Everyone I have talked to really enjoyed you and the type of comedy that you perform. People have said they haven't laughed that hard in a long time and also commented on seeing other people who they didn't think had much of a sense of humor laugh long and hard as well.

I really appreciate your coming to our little town and doing such a great job. Although, having seen you in Norfolk last year, I had no doubts that you would be well received. I think based on your performance, that we can feed them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches next year and they would gladly pay even more than we charged them this year, just so they could once again enjoy your show.

This was my first time organizing the Banquet and I have no idea how to top it. I am hopeful that we will be able to have you back again next year as selling tickets will be really easy. Thank you again and I hope you enjoyed your time in Kimball and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future, somewhere in Nebraska or Colorado.

Got to see you Friday at Comedy Works! Love the "What color are you? Gonna have to go find out for myself now, lol! Hope to see a show of yours again real soon : - Lynnette B. We had a great time Friday night. Enjoyed all four of you guys a lot. For all the unhappiness and despair in the world, you have a great calling. Thanks for helping us move beyond some of those "sensitive" topics. I share your wish that people get past labels, colors, races, etc. God bless you, my friend.

I hope you're rewarded for your hard work. I saw you at the Comedy Works last night. You were awesome! Keep up the funny stuff. Enjoyed you as you connected with us about kids! Take Care! You were awesome!!!!!! Thanks for all the laughs!! We had a great time I haven't laughed like that in a long time! I will never look at paint samples the same way again!! Come back soon!!! Enjoyed the show very much. I'll keep an eye out for you. Next time you're back in town, I'll be sure to catch you again!

It was awesome. Love the comments about teenagers. We have a 17 year old who knows he knows everything. Tell you Mom you did good and that most of the people in Utah are strange but that some of us are Normal. Thanks for the show. Thanks so much for keeping the show clean enough to demonstrate to the teens in the audience ours included that the funniest comedy doesn't rely on cheap laughs from gutter humor but rather comes from a deeper and more intelligent place. Yours was a class act and we look forward to introducing more friends to your show. I just want to thank you personally for supporting our mission to eradicate breast cancer.

Our work would not continue without generous people such as yourselves. I look forward to catching one of your shows soon and to hopefully sitting down for a beer or a cup of coffee or some kind of libation while we discuss how we can join forces for the cause. Let me know when you're in town and have some time to meet. I will be giving your card to our Lifestyle Director today. I know she will be contacting you regarding a performance here at Anthem Ranch as we have several Cabaret nights available.

I hope you can work it in with your and our busy calendars. You're great and I look forward to having everyone here at Anthem get to hear you. Keep laughing! All the girls had a great time and we really enjoyed ourselves thanks to you. Going tomorrow to find out what color I am. Sounds well, ummm, more impressive! Great show last night! Great show!!!!! You were great! Enjoyed it more than the headliner that night. Also, couldn't believe you were 50! Actually told the people I was with "Ooo, look at him.

I was like DAMN! He's twice my age! Hope you make it back to CR soon. Come back SOON! Great humor! Thanks for the autograph and look forward to seeing you again! Thought you were very funny! Dude, you're doing stand-up for a living? Now that is funny! Best of luck ole pal. Break a keg! Enjoyed your humor very much. So funny when you mentioned being the only black brown person in the community.

I was watching my friend and was pleased to see him laughing. He is the adoptive parent of an awesome "black" child 9 years old. Wish you could have met him. When you come back for Valentines Day that would be awesome for Jonathan to meet you. Just ask anyone in Cozad. Enjoyed the evening very much. Thank you for being Cozad's friend. Thought you were hilarious! Mike and I enjoyed your show. Gonna make sure I stop by Wal Mart to find my "true color".

Gr8 wish wish you the best in Just wanted to tell you I loved your show tonight at the Northfield Improv. You are a very funny and handsome "cocoa mocha". We just wanted to let you know we really enjoyed your show last night! Thanks for the laughs and good times, I don't think we'll be able to walk past the paint aisle in Walmart without laughing about our true color! Thanks again and Happy Holidays!! I just wanted to write and say that my wife and I loved your show at Southeast Christian!

We still think your age is scam but why would anyone claim to be older. It's like the reverse of that kid from the Bronx that was 25, pitching for the Yankees and winning Little League Series on the side. Anyhow, we just wanted to say thanks and we pray that the Lord would bless and keep you and find you a wife. You are really funny and I never would have thought that of you. It's good to see some OLD friends out there doing it!!

I got much love for you and remember to keep it real!!!! I hope I helped with the Christmas present for your Mom. I look forward to finding my 'true color' I'm sure it will be hilarious! And let me know if you ever need any video or audio work, or photography or web design or even screenprinting for that matter, I do it all. Told you I'd say hi!

The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3) The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3)
The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3) The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3)
The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3) The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3)
The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3) The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3)
The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3) The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3)
The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3) The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3)
The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3) The Guru (The Soiled Dove Series Book 3)

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