Do You Want to be Healed?

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Metropolitan Anthony Bloom highlights this expected transformation when we encounter Christ and His power to change our lives. To be healed does not mean to become whole only in order to go back to the same kind of life that we lived before; it means to be whole in order to begin a new life, as if we realized that we died in the healing action of God; that the illness was of the old man in us — that is, the corruptible body which the Apostle Paul speaks about. This old man must die in order for the new man to live. We must be ready to become this new man through the death of the old in order to begin to live anew: like Lazarus, who was called out of the tomb not simply to go back to his previous life but in order that, having lived through something, which cannot be described by any human words, he might re-enter into life with new foundations.

Jesus longs to meet each one of us at where we are — with all our weaknesses, our illnesses, our failures, our addictions, our insecurities, our brokenness. Do you want to leave your illnesses and addictions and failures behind you, and begin a new life with me?

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If so, come! And if we come with a sincere desire for healing, and an open heart to God, then He is ready to transform us into a new creation.

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So today let each of us think about our own lives. For what do we need healing? What is broken in our lives? Where do we need to make a new beginning? Whatever each of us brings to Church today, let us turn to Christ ask him for healing.

Do you Want to Get Well?

I want to be healed. A transformed life in You!

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Do You Want to be Healed? Do You Want to be Healed?
Do You Want to be Healed? Do You Want to be Healed?
Do You Want to be Healed? Do You Want to be Healed?
Do You Want to be Healed? Do You Want to be Healed?
Do You Want to be Healed? Do You Want to be Healed?
Do You Want to be Healed? Do You Want to be Healed?

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