Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition)

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It was published at Indian Type Foundry. Alpinist is a humanist sans with a small x-height optimized for magazine design and other editorial applications. The edges are slightly rounded for easy reading. It was designed by Jeremie Hornus and Alisa Nowak. Papelli is an informal typeface family by Alisa Nowak and Julie Soudanne. Graphic designer at The Improper Bostonian Magazine.

She created a great Broadway-style art deco marquee typeface called McQueen She created the art deco typeface Modcomb Typefaces from Logic a puzzle display font , Marine Terminal based on maritime signage. Almanac Design link. Chinese studio that made the Latin script typefaces Agile Script , Belle Script , Lovepen , connected , Smooth handwriting , Caligraphy , Golf , Fancy Signature , Vina , fashion mag headline sans and Candy Sticks In , they made Sickle Blade, Bigoo, Bubble display type , Pipe art deco , Shuimu hand-printed typeface , Begade display type , Guilloches a textured wavy op-art decorative typeface , Pio, Graffito a painted graffiti font , Dome a thin techno sans , and Hemiyong a script typeface.

He worked at PhotoLettering as an assistant of Ed Benguiat.

Book awards: Literaturpreis des Kulturkreises der Deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e.V.

Veer writes: A graduate of the Cooper Union, Michael has run his own design studio for many years - first in New York City - and currently in Hollywood. His unique typographic vision blends elements of lettering, illustration and graphic design. The inspiration for his work has come from such diverse sources as matchbook covers, theater marquees, enamel signs, early and midth century packaging, and various other artifacts of this great land of ours.

Although for much of his career he executed his work in traditional media, he now works almost exclusively in a digital format. In , he set up his own foundry, Alphabet Soup. Fonts sold by MyFonts. His typefaces: Dark Angel A gloomy black blackletter hybrid. Deliscript : an upright connected script with accompanying slanted version. It was inspired by neon signs in from of Canter's restaurant in Hollywood. Winner at TDC2 Deluxe Gothic , a Bank Gothic style face.

Images: i , ii , iii. Dynascript Patrick Griffin did the Opentype programming. Dynatype is the upright, slightly more formal cousin of Dynascript. Grafika : a gorgeous s art deco typeface originally designed for the credits of the movie Savages. Doret calls it extreme deco. Metroscript , Alphabet Soup : a connected retro script. Orion : an upright, linear script, based on an enameled sign probably of s vintage that designer Michael Doret picked up at a Paris flea market.

Carambole Ein Roman in zwölf Runden by Jens Steiner | Brand New | eBay

Steinweiss Script : a glyph curly script typeface called Steinweiss Script , which captures a lot of the spirit of Steinweiss's album covers from the late s and s. Opentype programming help by Patrick Griffin. View Michael Doret's typefaces. The typeface libray at Alphabet Soup. Alphonso Edwin Tripp. Unconventional artist of the s b. He also has it as Heavy Tripp. His main work is commercial, but there is also a substantial collection of free fonts.

Images: i , ii , iii , Alt Geko , an art deco caps face , and Archetype unicase, Bauhaus. Typefaces from Ren a free vintage display typeface family. Typefaces from Sadistic a free scratchy font , System Code free programming font. Typefaces from Rekt, Rogue free. Typefaces from Alt Catwalk a fashion mag typeface family , Frantic, Looper a compass-and-ruler font , Silent Scream a free dry brush font. Flickr link. View Andreas Leonidou's typefaces. Madrid-based creator of the Planet Mambo Club art deco logotype , and of the multiline art deco typeface Jambo Brothers Designer in Murfreesboro, TN, who created a hand-drwan marquee alphabet in Paris-based student at ECV Digital in Designer of the art deco typeface Aventure American designer, b.

Her free fonts include Selfish Bitch , hairline, hand-printed , and the ornamental art deco caps typeface Sundays Are Boring Lisbon-based designer of the stylish squarish art deco typeface for the Bertrand Library Slovenian designer b. Fontstructor who made the modular art deco typefaces Mercury and Mercury Bold in In , she created Modular Typeface and Fontastic Typeface gridded. Paris-based Portuguese designer b.

In , she created the informal typefaces Rough Notes and Chalk Marks. In , she designed the connected script typeface Better Phoenix and the brushed typeface Strange Ways. During her studies in Lisbon, Anais Almeida designed an art deco typeface Designer and typographer who created the art deco marquee typeface Nanas Glasses FontStructor who made , Narrow, and Wide art deco typeface family in Graphic designer in Vercelli, Italy, who created the multiline typeface Forty-Four and the deco typeface Parmigiano Reggiano In , she designed the art deco typeface family Garry and the octagonal typeface Michael.

FontStructor who made the art deco typeface Retro For a radio station, he made the art deco typeface Decho Sao Paulo, Brazil-based designer of the multiline art deco typeface Linea Graphic designer in Deva, Romania, who created the all caps art deco typeface Expresso Verage in Aka Graphicity. Andrew Footit [Arkitype was: Virtue Creative ]. Milk is an angular face. Creator of a nice typographic art deco poster in They live in Newport, Wales.

Andrew's pre-merger fonts are listed here. Consider Me Vexed and Pixel Flag are pixel typefaces. In , he created the blackboard bold typeface Annivers , and in the all caps Dutch deco typeface Lampau Andy Anzollitto. In , Louise Fili, Nicholas Misani and Rachel Michaud co-designed the art nouveau typeface Montecatini , which is inspired by Italian travel posters from that era. It is an art deco-inspired letterform that is based on Louise Fili's cover design for the Marguerite Duras novel The Lover.

Creator of the following phototype fonts at Studio Hollenstein: Arc en ciel multilined , Indigo ornamental, art deco. Angel Koziupa. Argentinian lettering artist who worked for 35 years for McCann Erikson and has produced freelance works for other major agencies like Interbrand, Futurebrand, and others. Veer wrote: The talented Angel Koziupa has been lettering, creating type and designing logos for the past 40 years.

His handiwork is behind nearly every important packaging logotype in Argentina. He worked 35 years for McCann Erikson and has produced freelance works for other major agencies like Interbrand, Futurebrand, and others. Koziupa designed a number of alphabets in cooperation with Alejandro Paul of Sudtipos, who created digital typefaces out of them. They can be purchased at Umbrella Type. Also at Umbrella, Paul and Koziupa made the casual script typeface Brisa ; its grungified version is Viento , , and the script typefaces Chocolate Caliente, Amargo and Dulce , Felipe , Cooked , rough-edged , Chicle ST , bubble gum wrapper type, free at Google Web Fonts , Lombriz , Bakery Script , for signs in stores , and the frizzy Cenizas Bilined deco scripts such as Festival Script Pro a winner at Tipos Latinos , Tanguera , Aranjuez , Bellas Artes , doubly-lined script , Heraldica Script , and Evergreen , a leafy script.

Linthicum, MD-based designer of several typefaces in , including an art deco all caps typeface. British designer who works as a designer at Church of London. Creator of commercial typefaces at The Type Foundry , such as Nord Express art deco; based on the Nord Express train poster and Grande Fete hairline avant garde caps face. Architect in Gdynia, Poland, who designed a black art deco typeface in Milan-based designer of Mantua , a sans and serif pair of typefaces and Odita , a geometric art deco news and fashion magazine made for a university project at Politecnico di Milano.

Toronto-based creator of Dandy , a curly art deco typeface. Kharkiv, Ukraine-based graphic designer and illustrator. She made the art deco ransom note font Broom Graphic designer and illustrator in Bucharest, Romania. Creator of an untitled art deco typeface in Bordeaux-based designer who created the modular deco typeface Cir Greenville, SC-based designer of the art deco typeface Jet Set , whose letters were inspired by the minimalist sculptures of Donald Judd. Latvian graphic designer, b.

His part art deco part constructivist style led to some digital typefaces that are based on it. Mariano Diez Antenah Studio, Rosario, Argentina designed the free minimalist all caps monoline sans typeface Rosarina and the free hipster typeface Spacer in Typefaces from Mold a geometric vector font , Bulky blocky. Behance link for Mariano Diez. Behance link for Antenah Studio. Graphic designer from New York City, who made the ultra fat art deco typeface Booking Another one of my favorite designers, Anthony James Manchester, UK designed a dashing art deco typeface, Kaiju , in Typefaces from Kingston a fashion mag typeface derived from didones , Jitzu a multilingual high-contrast fashion didone in ten styles.

Typefaces from Kenjo fashion mag headline type , Omega Sans, Solar Vesta font duo , Qavo a sharp-edged monoline all caps sans. Facebook page. Buy his commercial typefaces here. Anthony Prudente. He created the art deco typeface Foreman , which is typified by condensed tall-legged letters. Hurstmonceux is an antiqued Victorian typeface.

Graphic designer in New York, who made Fabrica , an art deco typeface and Invented Antonius Kurvers was a disciple of the Dutch architect Hendrik Wijdeveld and became a prolific public place letterer. He was born in Den Haag in and died in Amsterdam in Digital fonts influenced by his work include Mokum Tooneel , by Richard Keijzer. Kurversbrug by Ramiro Espinoza: this is a revival of the famous letters appearing on Amsterdam's bridges.

Various posters and ads with art deco lettering: Constructie van Architectuur en Winkelpuien , Het Vlaamsche Volktoneel , Menschen op het Toneel , Tentoonstelling op het Gebied van Stedebouw , Tentoonstelling van Nederlandsche Gemeentewerken , Watervoorziening Gebouwen Anton Scholtz [Scholtz Fonts]. Antonio J. Morata Almeria, Spain, b. The typeface names start with z. We list them alphabetically: Je suiz Charlie Dutch poster artist, The poster draws on the imagery of the legend The Flying Dutchman.

Other posters with art deco lettering by him include Gastentoonstelling and Kurhaus Scheveningen s. Creator of the art deco glaz krak typeface Illuminate Studio in Amsterdam. In , they designed an art deco typeface for the new identity of The Wilpsche Dijk. Apostrophic Laboratory [Fredrick M. One of the most dynamic foundries from until The name Apostrophe comes from a Frank Zappa song.

It has produced well over original free fonts, in all formats type 1, truetype, and opentype, PC and Mac , and nearly all fonts have full character sets. Many have character sets for extended European languages and Cyrillic as well. It was for a few years the only active producer of multiple master fonts. Download site at Typoasis.

Original URL, now being reworked. Highlights: Miltown from the Matrix movie. Fluoxetine old typewriter. Desyrel handwriting, Dana Rice.

German Book Prize 2012-16

PicaHoleMorse font. Ritalin has almost glyphs, and is a family designed for Latin, Greek, Turkish, eastern European, Cyrillic and Baltic.

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Carbolith Trips letters from cuneiforms. Textan with Rich Parks or Richard D. Parker; inspired by the Chinese Tangram. Poultrygeist horror comic font. Metrolox "Enemy of the State" font, with Karen Clemens; a Unicode font with glyphs for over 20 Latin-based languages and some math symbols. Republika a font techno family; read about it here. Street a font family by Graham Meade. The dingbats Eyecicles and Texticles, both with Graham Meade.

Komika , 50 comic book fonts designed with Vigilante. Labrit a great Fraktur font, with Graham Meade. Frigate a Roman-kana font by Melinda Windsor. Scriptina an unbelievable calligraphic font by Apostrophe, Freebooter Script an equally unbelievable calligraphic font by Graham Meade, Choda a display font like none you have seen before; Apostrophe and Meade, Endor with Meade, a Gothic font; The list of designers and their fonts: Apostrophe [dead link]: Day Roman , the first digitization of Fr.

Marjan Bozic and Apostrophe: Hard Talk. Steve Deffeyes : Loopy. Marley Diehl and Apostrophe: Diehl Deco. Fleisch and Apostrophe: Colwell, Hadley. Steve Graham: Hypnosis. Frank Guillemette and Apostrophe: Ankora. Jeri Ingalls and Apostrophe: Paxil. Neumat Ick and Apostrophe: Icklips, Powderfinger. Su Lucas and Apostrophe: Barbarello.

Brigido Maderal and Apostrophe: Lab Bats. Evelyne Pichler : Sindrome. Evelyne Pichler and Apostrophe: Vienna. Phynette and Apostrophe: Independant. Dana Rice and Apostrophe: Desyrel, Lilly. Jessica Slater : Wiggles. Jessica Slater and Apostrophe: McKloud. Melinda Windsor : Plastic, Frigate. Robby Woodard : Ashby Yol: Traceroute. Its type designer, Zhalgas Kassymkulov, was born in in Kazakhstan. His initial type designs were all done with the help of FontStruct. In , he went commercial as Architaraz Type.

He made a gridded modular typeface called Targeted Sliced is a counterless stencil face. Discostructed sic is a texture face. Mono Dot is a thin dot matrix face. Mono Hor is a horizontally striped version of it, Mono Ver a vertically striped version, and Mono Bold a bold version. Promo is purely geometric. Semiz and Semiz Light experimental are partly art deco. Audio is based on the logo of audiojelly. Arro has letters with arrowed terminals. Hexa is hexagonal. Happi is a fat finger face. Semiz Black is a free fat pixel face.

Typefaces from AT Sudoku each letter is actually a sudoku puzzle! Typefaces from KD Pempo a multiline art deco font. FontM link. FontStruct link. Ariel Di Lisio [Negro]. In , he went commercial, and started selling fonts through MyFonts. In he started Mawns Design. In , that was renamed to Aring Typeface. In he already had over seven million downloads of his fonts, which were featured at websites such as Dafont and Myfonts. He also does custom type work. His typefaces, both free and commercial: Airways Aliment A sharp geometric sans.

Acryle Script Actonia A monoline script. Adielle Aerofoil A vintage bottom-heavy script. Airways A signage script. Akayla Script Amplify Angars Runes medieval, with gothic cathedral curves. Angilla Tattoo A connected spurred tattoo typeface. Antlers A calligraphic script.


Arachnids , graffiti face Artely Inks Atelas Signage type, baseball script. Atures Futuristic and monoline. Autograf A signature typeface. A family of baseball scripts. A connected script. Backpack A thick signage script typeface. Backyard A blackletter typeface. Barkants , elegantly hand-printed family. Barley Script Beautiful Trouble A rabbit-eared upright connected script. Beaked Tyrant A copperplate calligraphic script. Bellino Billion Stars A tattoo script font. Bira Blaak Black Fox A sirupy brush face.

Black Larch and Dark Larch Bloc Boy Like handwriting. Blockography A sketched typeface. Bready A retro signage script with art nouveau aroma. Brev Script A connected secretary hand from the 19th century. Bronze Script Brother Tattoo Bumblebees A plump curvy script. Bunya A geometric slightly deco sans typeface family. Calendary Hands Canela Bark , co-designed with Luis Miguel.

Caneletter Sans and Script Upright unconnected and connected scripts. Cantona Script Capoon A ten-style sans family. Caprica Sans and Caprica Script. A plump script. Casat Cap An all caps brush typeface family. Castro Script Celebrater sic An oily font. Cellos Script Centeria Script Channel , connected upright script Chapel Script For signage. Characteristic Chavenir Chinal Choko , released in Chocolate and cream-themed decorative typeface. Christmas Miracle and Christmas Sparkle Clear Line Clipper Script Clothe Coneria Script Conture Script Elegant, classical, and with exaggerated capitals.

Crackin Crunchy An upriht connected script. CutScript , connected script Ebbing Echinos Park Script Ederson A vintage signage script. Ekologie Hand Elaya Script A creamy signage script. Electronics A retro signage script. Elevate Emiral Script A baseball script. Encina Script A thin calligraphic typeface. Enlighten Delinquente Denigan , hairline Equal Sans Ethernal Europe Underground , geometric sans with a hairline weight. Fabulous and Fabulous Gold Signage script.

Dollie Script Duera A variable width sans typeface family. Fat Wandals A graffiti font. Feathergraphy Clean Fibography A caps typeface composed of fibers. Filbert Brush , Filbert Color , a soft brush font. Finition A connected brush script. First Lyrics Flighter Search for a book to add a reference. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards.

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Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition) Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition)
Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition) Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition)
Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition) Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition)
Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition) Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition)
Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition) Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition)
Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition) Carambole: Ein Roman in zwölf Runden (German Edition)

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