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Tahreem Chudhry has opened a Candy Farm and would like your help building and running it. After the event is over, the Candy Farm will disappear and all of the work you have done will be erased. When the Candy Farm appears again, you will have to start over from the beginning. The layout of the Candy Farm is different from all of the other farms.

Sally Lane's Candy Farm | Season 1 Episode 8 | Looking Forward Looking Back | PBS

Instead of 5x5 land layout, it has a 3x5 layout at the bottom with a 2x5 layout extension on the left side. The Enchanting Candy Palace automatically upgrades as you reach certain levels of total progress points. After completing levels 5, 10, and 15, you win an event decoration for your main farms. Only levels 5,10, and 15 total progress points are listed for you by the palace. The other total progress points needed for each level is estimated in the following table.

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You must keep track of your total progress points to know exactly how many you have, but the progress point meter in the Enchanting Candy Palace will help you estimate how close you are to the next level. Each candy donated rewards you with Progress Points and Vouchers.

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Sugar Cane! Sugar Beets!

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Sally Lane's Candy Farm

Pepper Moon IN1 Posts: 6, Post edited by Pepper Moon IN1 on The new shape of the farm is pretty stretched horizontally It comes with the Candy Caravan speed up building , Candy Factory to produce sweets and the Pay Booth to transfer farm dollars to the Candy Farm. You will get rewards at certain levels of total vouchers reached Otherwise you may donate some candies to build and upgrade the Candy House up to level 15 You get bonus decorations for the main farm after reaching Candy House stages 5, 10 and 15 — Mansion, Castle, Palace all 5x5 Tactics: Invest in upgrading the Pay Booth proportionately to the size of territory you have unlocked Balance houses and decorations.

Upgrade Candy Caravan to speed-up building decrease construction time Donate candies generously to upgrade the Candy House - you will get rewards If you use gold — use it for Pay Booth speeding, new grounds unlocking, special houses Fancy Trailer and decorations Take care and Have fun! CobbPlayer AU1 Posts: Smurf8 Posts: Feel free to copy and share anything useful. May I just say with regard to the 2x2 Gumball Machine: Squuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Smurf en 1.

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Cottoncandy machine is found on area next to candy factory original location. And if your farm loads as slowly as mine it's easy to see where else there is stuff hidden. Jiesta NL1 Posts: 6, As always: very much appreciated!! Sig designed by farmerjohn 22 US1. And it's the flyer thing in the left side 4x6 deco so I knew it before opening, but can confirm it now.

Candy Palace seems to be very expensive - so focus on ship at the start the vouchers bonus for donation candies to build Candy Palace is slightly less than from direct sale. Monitor bubbles - can get cherry from people walking around!

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Hi all, have updated the production values section on my Candy Tips page, if you want to see where the profit lies. Sugar Ornaments are what the big guns should be aiming for. Very nice and useful Susanne:D.

Candy On The Farm Candy On The Farm
Candy On The Farm Candy On The Farm
Candy On The Farm Candy On The Farm
Candy On The Farm Candy On The Farm
Candy On The Farm Candy On The Farm
Candy On The Farm Candy On The Farm
Candy On The Farm Candy On The Farm
Candy On The Farm Candy On The Farm

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