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Learn More. HarvestPlus Eliminating hidden hunger in Africa by fortifying staple crops. Sesame Workshop and the International Rescue Committee Educating children displaced by conflict and persecution. Evaluation Wise Head Panel.

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Scoring Process. Scoring Process Trait Scoring Rubric. A Level Playing Field. Sample Provisions for Grant Agreement with Grantee. Requirements Regarding Any Proposed Collaboration. Private Benefit Rules. Intellectual Property Policy. Human Subjects Research Policy. Lobbying Policy. Indirect Cost Policy. Guidance for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning. Readiness Tool. Where am I supposed to input info? I finally saved up for a Kindle and pre ordered the book.

Is there no more signed book plates? Did my eyes just skip right over that option?? I must know: will there be an audiobook version, and will you narrate it yourself? Please say yes! Pretty please with sugar on top? Cannot wait to read your book. I esp. Basketcase recently posted 20 Questions: March. Jenny, you should come to Bumpass, VA. Because seriously, we live in a town well…a small road with a post office and a stop sign called Bumpass, VA. How can you go wrong?

Or at least, maybe come to Richmond, VA, and us few residents of Bumpass will drive out there to see you. Is there any chance I can still sign up for a bookplate? If you open the bookplates back up, please sign me up! Have your book all set to come from Amazon. Too late for a plate? Pretty please…. Please come to Pittsburgh on your book tour so I can meet you! Leah recently posted What to do when your significant other hates your friends. Outside of NYC, maybe, there is no better book town in the country. What can we do to get you to come to us?

Stuff one of the Republican candidates for president except Mitt, who I think has already been to the taxidermist? Collate more blank paper we have lots of it here? Cryogenically freeze Posey when or if she finally passes? You are totally a Mover and a Shaker. Shawn recently posted Super hero name. Arie Milne recently posted Easter is.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blogs and for writing this book! Jenny, I just finally got a chance to pre-order your new book! Can we get digital bookplates? Thanks for the bookplate! It came today. Waiting for Amazon to send your book.


Hey, Jenny. I received an empty envelope from the Penguin Group today. I am pretty sure that it was supposed to include a bookplate with your lovely signature. I did the pre-order thing with Amazon on the day that you offered the bookplates in your blog. It appears that Amazon deleted my pre-order from my account and I just pre-ordered your book again.

These two events must have been connected somehow…. Hope that other Amazon pre-orders are still out there for other folks. Would nice to receive a bookplate in the future…. Jenny, thank you for the signed bookplate. Opening that envelope gave me a reason to smile for the first time in two days. Again, thank you! I pre-ordered your book in October and am heartbroken that I did not receive a book plate! I just pre-ordered it! I have been given cause for an alcoholic slushie thanks to you!

Lets hope your masticating hand recovers or you at least learn to use the other one. Now I just need my book and my life is temporarily okay and the ass-hats of the world can bite me for a few days as I bask in my radiant joy. How will I begin to read it tomorrow? Meg recently posted Beautiful Bouquets. And worse than that, I just finished the last of 4 books that I brought with me on my kindle to keep me from going completely mad.

Your book and I are going to curl up with a fat glass of scotch tonight and get to know each other. Just, you know, not in a lady garden kind of way. Thank you for writing it, thank you for blogging, thank you for being you. Bought the book last night. This is worth sharing, because I work at a bookstore and could just read it for free, but decided I was willing to shell out some money based on the sheer enjoyment I got from the book jacket alone. Got my book yesterday and promptly poured a glass of wine and began ignoring my kids to read it.

I ordered a book plate waaaay back when but I have never heard or seen any sign of it since then. Are they still being shipped out? As the champ you are, you came through and it was the highlight of my christmas gifts and the delight of my spouse for having outdone me. I was wondering if there were any bookplates left? I got my pre-ordered book in the mail yesterday annnnd because I may be REALLY shitty at balancing my checkbook, even after spending 8 years in banking previously, the book really did just about cost the 45 dollars you mention at the end.

I finished it already, because I could not put it down. I even read it to my 3 month old when it was time to give her a bedtime story annnnd because my doctor told me children start making memories at 3 months I am sure she will also write an awesome book when she is older about how I emotionally scarred her somehow with the awesome and probably not entirely appropriate for a 3 month oldness of the content.

Love you and your superfabutastic book. Write more! I will wait the next 11 years if I have to to read it…. Dahlia's mom recently posted New Mom Fails 2. While I was ordering it online, it dawned on me…. THAT is what came in the mail on Monday…. I thought that maybe it was a ransom note, but nothing was missing. So-o-o-o-o-o since our garbage pickup is at 7 a. I, on the other hand, am devastated. I would have loved to put the sticker on my Nook to keep forever. You are the bomb!! My 2 year old son is going through Chemo treatements. I needed a laugh.

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I bought your book yesterday at Target. Thank you — I laughed! I have laughed so much I may never recover. Write another one. Please and thank you. I hate your book. And now, I am supposed to be doing about fifteen other totally important things that needed to be done by yesterday, but no. Are the book plates all gone?!?!?

My only problem is that the pictures in the ebook are really small. Anyway we could get the pictures posted in their full glory somewhere on here? Glad I had seen those before on here. But Honey! No, you are welcome! Darla recently posted faith for the weary.

I am really hoping to have it before I go into labor I am 39 weeks pregnant because it would be best the best thing ever to read in the hospital. Please, if anyone knows how to get it to work, let me know! Thanks for putting it on paper. I am spreading your book far and wide among my neighborhood of readers. I am hooked. OK so I hope noone I know sees this… Get busy cause I am gonna need another book soon…only have a few chapters left! Thanks for the great book!

In an early chapter you mention breaking your neck rupturing a disk while brushing your hair, going to the ER and having the docs hand you pamphlets about spousal abuse. They asked you what did you do that he broke your neck. Well, you are not alone. And they want to know why I like Darvocet so much. Just finished reading your book and I absolutely loved it. I literally laughed until I cried, and then peed a little. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I opened it and there it was, in all of its pre-ordered glory. I have been waiting for this for a small eternity so it feels and I am SO!

I just wanted to thank you for helping me through everything latly. And dirt….. And my child hood was a bit like urs well less blood….. Im not the only person that has severe anxiety…. And ur book has helped me look back at some of my worst anxiety related things and laugh at it rather than dwell on them than let them ruin me. But back to earlier. Im very grateful that u could share ur story and help ppl like me and let ppl laugh…. My sisters ocd and looks she gives me when I rant….

Thing about how my friends are semi understanding…. My fathers anxiety and my mothers ocd… Things about horese, birds,escalators,elevators,ladybugs and much more… Ugh what was I saying…. Oh ok well. I hope u read this so u can know how much uved helped me. And how much uve mad me and my family laugh in hard times….. I purchased your book on amazon the other day and it arrived on Friday. I began reading it and I read half the book.

At several points I actually laughed out loud, but realizing it was 2 a. Love the book! Ummm Jenny? I stopped breathing when I got to page 27……….. How do I explain that at religious education next Sunday? I may try one more page…………. You rock! Okay, so I just finished the book. It reminds me of the bulletin board at college just before break, where you troll for someone to share gas with in order to make it the long distance home as cheaply as possible.

After several hours of travel, you are sure that you have hitched a ride with a serial killer. After all is said and done, your book is kind of a hardback case of Stockholm Syndrome. It drew me in and mesmerized me until all of the information you shared sounded quite logical and even rational.

And fun. I am in the middle of reading your book and I wanted to say thanks. Explains how I feel exactly. The little man in my head a neurotic gatekeeper of my words either lets every weird thing I think out or grabs everything and I sit there mute. Neither good for making friends. I guess I am really alone in my head but my head has a missing twin? So I have no idea how your site ended up on my computer all the way here in Afghanistan but I am so fucking grateful it did.

Perhaps it had some thing to do with rattle snake hugs. I have only know of your existence for 10 minutes but your book shall be mine very shortly. I think it may be the very thing to get me through this deployment. Any ways, thanks for your glory. Just wanted you to know from your newest fan. Jenny- Finished the book yesterday. Well, I finished listening to you reading your book to me yesterday. Thank you, in advance. Seriously… Thanks for writing this book. Loved every second of it. I just finished your book last night.

After my husband kicked me out of bed because I was apparently shaking the bed because I was laughing so hard. I told him at least I was being quiet about it. Hes SAYS it was logging macheinery. Yeah right! So I took my book to the living room. But I WON! I never received it. Any advice? I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved your book. Thank you for all the times that you have made me laugh and cry , and thank you for being so unapologetically yourself. Even though I had never heard of you, I bought your book because it has that cute mouse on the cover wearing a ruffled collar and cape and standing up on its little back legs, which makes it really super cute.

One of those humongous wheelers that you have to use a ladder to climb into. What planet did that bozo come from? You should try it. However, I have heard that he did wonders with nails. Penguin Group is sending me another envelope; hopefully one that is occupied by a signed book plate this time. Which makes it kind of hard to read the rest. This is only one of several thousand comments on your blog, but I felt I should share it just in case this is the message you need to hear today, just as you so often yours is the message people need.

Not that what anyone else thinks matters, but in this case I happen to be right so listen up. You are a wonderful, hilarious, and inspirational person, writer, and AUTHOR, and you deserve every iota of praise and success you receive! Congratulations and much love to you, your family, your editor, and your fanbase. PS- I started laughing in the parking lot reading the back of your book!

I accidentally stumbled across your book on Kindle cause hey its on the Kindle best seller list. It must have been some horrendous oversight or weird censoring thing IDK. You might never read this so does it really exist? Have fun on tour and have a safe trip home! Oh and I laughed so hard that I think I ruptured a kidney so I am totally suing you for medical bills.

forever yours truly yours digital editions Manual

HaHa JK. Or am I? I came by your website by accident, not really sure how I found it, was looking for ideas on PVC games and how to make them, so really not sure how I landed here, but I did share something on my fb page that I found on your site, and then I started reading about your book, and I cannot wait to be able to get it. From everything that I have read from all your followers and fans, it is a Definate book on my list to read and more than likely on my daughters. Hugs and God Bless you for being able to write about all. Absolutely loved your book. Really…so many weird looks from strangers in restaurants and from my son in the living room when I would snort in laughter or spray wine across the table.

My favorite mix of humor layered over the real pain of life. Check out my new blog, which you helped inspire.. Look forward to reading the rest of your writing and thank you for the laughs! Uh, forgot to lput in the blog name— am I new? Lily recently posted Welcome To The Tour! Okay, so today I just found your everything. You, I guess. Got here from my pal bradmesser. He always finds good stuff and shares, as friends do. Something to do with dry cheese over pasta I think. Not you personally, though I could believe that. All the drug references have to be inspired somehow.

As Harlan Ellison would say, you write a good stick. One last thing. Upendings rule? I got to your blog and info on your book through onaclaireday. How could I not with those first two endorsers being two of my favorite authors? Well played. Katy recently posted Beautiful Blogger Award.

I adore you. I am stymied. I wanted a book plate, but I wanted a nook copy. So I am paralyzed with dreams of a laminated book plate velcroed to the back of my nook driving even nuttier than i already am. Obsessed I tell you, yes, this concept. Well you did ask me to pretend with you. I DID! Well I figured, if you saw this, you might wanna check it out.

Loving the book. You have lived a truly wondrous life full of strange amazing and sometimes sad adventures. Thank you for sharing with us. You rock. I just wanted to let you know that i finished the book last night. A heart attack probably would have occurred if it was even one page longer. You probably did research into just how much laughter a person could take before keeling over. I was reading it tonight. And then I was laughing so hard I snorted. And then I laughed so hard I cried. And then my dog started barking at me because I was laughing so hard.

And all the while, I was just laughing my ass off in an empty house, with a roll of toilet paper on my lap to blot my tears. The end. Soooooo happy we have this book available in New Zealand.. I bought the audiobook for a long car ride.

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Bad idea, I laughed so hard at the chapter on Stanley the magic squirrel I was afraid I would drive off the road. My daughter and I attended your book signing in Houston and listened to you read between the dumpsters. My family would enjoy the audio version of your book, if you choose to send us one. Love you. You are my daily ray of sunshine.

Would love the book if chosen. Will still love you if not. I love it! Blame everything on the autoimmune stuff! True— who can challenge it? Jeez, give me a break! Lily recently posted The Little i. The only one I can find has absolutely no information on it. It also helps you fans link people to it when we mention it in a status update. Jenny, girl you rock! You had me laughing at work sneaking reading , at home in the bathroom, and late into the night under the covers.

The style of writing is so personal and scattered and hilarious! You are very smart, smart-assy spell check hates me too as well as bat shit crazy! I LOVE your stuff, Signed A fellow blogger and single something Mom who is writing a book about sexual freedom and breaking bad while working full time, raising two beautiful kids and finding time for hunting cougar prey! No rush. Just whenever. Because you probably already thought of that title anyway.

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As a result, I might be guilty of overusing this kind of annoying word. That was the last great word he discovered. So I have to pace myself. But totally worth it. I have over 20 years in HR, so of course everyone in the book seems totally normal to me, but you understand that. I figured I could let each of my friends have a chapter or two. I am totally loving your book. I feel so much better about my own psycological issues, Thank you so much!!

My husband likes it too but is just less gushy about it. I seem to think it will happen at night which totally sucks since I get home 1am. Also thinking about getting the audio version of this to keep me entertained on my many drives to and from Charlotte. I am totally loving this book and thank you for the autographed book! Your mom is a joy to work with! You never new if it was a baby rabbit or a horney toad! Thank you Jenny! I read parts of your book to my husband and he is sure I see myself in your stories.

He is in Houston all the time for work oilfield and we live in South Louisiana….. I too, suffer with depression and it is baffling. I too, get lost and call him to guide me home and I have nav system in my car. I noticed it hanging from the foyer chandelier after a baby shower with 80 guests….. Thank you for keeping me entertained as I cater to my insomnia at 2 then 3 then 4 am.

Your randomness reminds me of conversions with my best friend and I would be love to be at a party with you to trade non-sequiters cant spell that one …. Thank you for this wonderful book! And you should thank me because I got it on Audible, which I understand earns more money for you. I went on Audible looking for memoirs to read for inspiration, as I fell there is one or more in me hiding somewhere struggling, despite my best efforts, to stay put.

I was in a funk and taking my year-old, failure-to-launch self too seriously. Thanks for helping me to lighten up and laugh out loud! I wish he had something that awesome to say about me………. Loving the book! I love love love the book. I received it on Friday from Amazon and have been reading chapters as I get a chance through the weekend. Thank you for giving a voice to all of us who refer to Easter as Zombie Jesus Day.

And thank you for letting me know there are others. I think he refuses to see the lunacy of everyday life. His loss. We talk about you, us HR folks. Just saying…. I have read this book and it is hilarious. She makes me feel better about my own, shall we say, idiosyncrasies. I loved every second of it and it was worth every bit of the totally-not-forty-five-dollars that I paid for it! In partnership with E! News host and author Giuliana Rancic, FabFitFun reports on everything women need to feel happy from the inside out.

FFF is optimistic, fun, cutting edge, funny and all about instilling confidence and power in women. We launched less than a year ago and currently have over , national subscribers! Over the summer we also launched local editions in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York and we are so excited to be growing every day. Last night, I read the chapter about your magical squirrel.

Needless to say, it was a good thing I emptied out my bladder first. Well, I guess if some celebrity, popular author or political figure enjoys it, then that would probably help you sell more copies…whatever. Thank you, Jenny Lawson. I just finished the book last night. I laughed until tears were rolling down my face and my stomach was cramping although the fact that I just had laser surgery on my gums a couple of weeks ago and can barely eat anything might have contributed to the latter. Thanks for making me happy for a few hours of my miserable life.

I sincerely hope you write another book before I die which could be any day now since my family is not known for longevity. And God bless Victor. Must be a helluva guy. I downloaded your book onto my Kindle the other night. My 14 yr old son wanted the book also — so we argued over if we should buy 1 or 2 copies. He said he wanted his own. I finished it — loved it. Have you ever tried to drink wine while laughing your ass off?

I have just finished the chapter where you almost lost your arm vaginally. A memory I have tried unsuccessfullty to repress, thanks for helping me remember what should never have happened. Saved me from a torturously boring 4-day conference! Thank you Jenni Lawson for your book. Most people laugh because they have things in common with you. I too had an eccentric dad, and I do tend to worry how much he passed onto me, how my children see me, how I am affecting them and the generations to come. Here are the pages I laughed out loud at, like you are interested, and sitting there with baited breath and your book, but here goes, positive feedback right??

P when you screamed out Chalupa. P the last sentence describing the rabbit on your dogs forehead. You have a way with words, and the entire book was funny except the dog dying and the miscarriages , but the above was laugh out loud and time to put the book down and make a tea and grab my breath.

Good for you in accomplishing this. I happen to love Jesus and know He loves you too. The way I see it, He deliberately put Laura in your path. I read your book in two days. I am going to let my 16 yr old daughter read it too. In a couple of months I will reread the book out loud with a Texan accent. Should be fun. And also a child. Including the drug you took for your finger. Methatrexate, correct? I was even impressed and charmed, on my first visit to Berlin, to find people eager to discuss Spinoza in restaurants and quote Schiller on the plane.

Here is what or who I did not expect: my cab driver to the airport. On the plane, I was seated between the aforementioned Schiller scholar and a teenage girl. I watched Maleficent and devoted considerable thought to the derivation of the term fruits of the forest , as used to describe that one mix of luridly red berries occasionally found atop old-looking tarts and cheesecakes.

The teenager appeared to be writing diligently in a journal; I felt abashed anew. Then I glanced down at the page and, from her rounded, teenage-girl handwriting, I could see that it was a list of German words: a food diary. Patrick Modiano. For more on the flood, check out Atlas Obscura. Helena, California, surrounded by the vineyards of Napa Valley, is in good repair. Eight stout sequoia trunks flare outward from a fused base in the front yard. An hour and a half drive to the south, in San Francisco, is a short knife-thrust of an alley in North Beach named Ambrose Bierce.

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In , at the age of seventy-one, the famous writer saddled up a horse and rode into Mexico, not speaking any Spanish, in order to cover the Mexican Revolutionary War, perhaps to participate in it, perhaps to interview Pancho Villa. As newspaper accounts of his time reported, he disappeared without a trace. More accurately, there were too many traces to follow and World War I soon broke out, so a thorough search for Bierce was postponed.

According to witnesses, Bierce died over and over again, all over Mexico. There is even a cenotaph for him in the sleepy mining town of Sierra Mojada, in the Chihuahua Desert. Back in St. Helena, his two sons and his wife are buried in unmarked graves.

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Read More. Ambrose Bierce. Jaime Lienert. William Randolph Hearst. City of Asylum.

Promising Angela (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 726) Promising Angela (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 726)
Promising Angela (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 726) Promising Angela (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 726)
Promising Angela (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 726) Promising Angela (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 726)
Promising Angela (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 726) Promising Angela (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 726)
Promising Angela (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 726) Promising Angela (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 726)
Promising Angela (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 726) Promising Angela (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 726)

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