Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4)

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The award-winning Sacconi Quartet are recognised for their unanimous and compelling ensemble, consistently communicating with a fresh and imaginative approach.

Brandeis University

Performing with style and commitment, the quartet are known throughout the world for their creativity and integrity of interpretation. Formed in , their four founder members continue to demonstrate a shared passion for string quartet repertoire, infectiously reaching out to audiences with their energy and enthusiasm. The disc will also feature a brand new commission which the Sacconi will premiere at their Folkestone Festival in May The name Sacconi Quartet comes from the outstanding twentieth-century Italian luthier and restorer Simone Sacconi, whose book The Secrets of Stradivari is considered an indispensable reference for violin makers.

Robin is indebted to Ellen Solomon for the use of his viola. Read more. The Sacconis perform a recital as well as a charity concert with acclaimed musicians Freddy Kempf and Daniel Hope Read more. The quartet release two stellar recordings by contemporary composers to round off the year Read more. The overall impact of the work and its performance was profound To start the concert, the Sacconi Quartet delighted in Haydn, distinguished by clean, classical playing, often sparing vibrato.

Quartets are often lauded for their longevity […] so while the Sacconi is a mere toddler at 10 years, the likelihood of them celebrating their fortieth anniversary is worth putting money on. The Sacconi, a fast rising British string quartet … bring something fresh and distinctive. Ample vigor in the vivace movements, yet space is allowed to capture the witticism in a turn of phrase; when the mood darkens in the adagio of No.

The festival sensation, the young Sacconi Quartet completely bowled over a packed audience.

The chemistry between these four young players is tangible and magical. An exceptional ensemble…a unanimous sense of musical breath and a meticulous attention to detail. A terrific disc that I encourage everyone to buy.

Brentano String Quartet Program Notes - Centre College's Norton Center For The Arts

According to the Urban Dictionary, a tambourine girl is a cute chick that gets hired to make a band look better, she usually can't play for shit, but that does not matter, if she looks good on stage. She's usually a girlfriend of the band's sax or guitar player. This group changes its name with every performance. Silly names A native of Chicago and long time resident of Jacksonville, Florida, vocalist Chris Thomas has performed with various bands within Florida for the past 15 years.

Biography —

In June of he formed The Chris Thomas Band in order to bring the highest level of quality and showmanship to his fans and audiences. A professionally trained and competitive dancer, he combines dance, vocals, and the best musicians in north Florida to deliver an unforgettable performance. The Chris Thomas Band specializes in the performance of vintage Sinatra, soulful Motown, as well as current popular songs custom arranged by its band members. The band can be sized from a quartet up to a piece big band. For their performance at Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, Chris is bringing his 8-piece band, whose members are all professionally trained musicians from colleges and universities around the U.

Carol Stein is an acclaimed pianist, entertainer, vocalist, composer: performing a variety of musical genres from jazz to classical or musicals and cabarets to pub songs. Throughout her career, she has lived, performed and traveled around the globe from Switzerland to Hong Kong to New York and in between. Carol has been the guest solo artist with various orchestras and has been a musician for the Walt Disney company for over 28 years. Carol enjoys composing and spontaneous arranging of pieces during a live performance.

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She may take a child's melody and turn it "inside-out" in the style of Mozart, and then into a bossa nova, and end up with a Duke Ellington swing. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

Musical director, Greg Parnell, is the former road manager and drummer for the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Greg takes what he has learned from performing with these groups and applies it to produce these musical tributes in an authentic and respectful manner.

Making The Neverending Story Book- Art for relaxation

The orchestra is made up of the best jazz musicians in Central Florida. The group plays select cover tunes in addition to writing and performing their own material. Even when playing material by other bands and writers, creativity and self expression lie at Souljam's core. They may hover within the parameters familiar to fans of classic rock or those acquainted with Phish, the Grateful Dead and the Tedeschi Trucks Band, but their listeners are stimulated by Souljam's new and exciting arrangements. Sunday, July 21 Sun, Jul An international recording artist with a wide range of musical interests, Chris Cortez ranks among the top jazz guitarists in the world.

Art Pepper

He's performed at clubs and festivals all over the world. The always joyful Chuck Archard is an accomplished bassist, composer and educator. Well known to the Orlando scene, the Eddie Marshall Trio have been playing together for over 15 years. Guitarist Jack Graham plays Finger-style solos from the favorite parts of his life, mixed in with songs that have special meaning to him and a couple of stories. His history is a mix of 60's and 70's teenage band experiences, Classical Guitar Study and lots of backyards and firesides. The group originated the Conglomerate Performance Series, a recurring concert series, that served as the debut for the collective, and drew a definitive line in the metaphoric sand separating them from the pack.

The band moves as a cohesive unit of old souls performing original music or standards with vivid passion and pure organic leanings that harken back to a time past. It will be a fun night full of trombonology, history, styles and flat out swing.

Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4) Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4)
Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4) Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4)
Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4) Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4)
Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4) Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4)
Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4) Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4)
Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4) Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4)
Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4) Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4)
Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4) Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4)
Arts Story (The Coll & Art Quartet Book 4)

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